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May 12, 2017


My husband, Pastor Darryl Hale passed away May 2007, but his legacy continues in

countless ways. I am honored to present his poems to you for the purpose of your

inspiration, edification and increased hope and faith in God. My desire is for you to

know and follow God more fully, and sincerely, as you read from a remarkably gifted

man who truly personified a Christian. Seconds before my husband lapsed into non-

responsiveness, I glimpsed him as the nurse was gently washing him, I noticed that he

was bone-thin and his skin had taken on a yellowish pallor. Yet he sat on a chair,

quietly and calmly talking to the nurse about the goodness of Jesus, as she in turn

quietly responded and affirmed this, as she continued his care. When I came in, I

suddenly felt the need to do something; to get darryl demoting he had been asking

earlier during the week. In a fateful decision, I turned heel and left with the purpose of

going to the gift store and returning with the small item; by then I reasoned, the nurse

would be done and I could talk to Darryl and basically have him to myself. This was not

to be. My husband died moments after I left his room. This is what comforts me; that

Darryls last moments on earth were spend talking about Christ to one more should with

his last breath of life.

Vera Hale
May 12, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

To know Darryl Hale came to find out very quickly what his life’s passion was: Jesus Christ, and he had a great passion for souls. His joy and zeal for God was unparalleled, he praised God in the sanctuary with boldness. It was immediately apparent that he loved God with all of his might yet Darryl possessed dignity, even humility. His wisdom and intelligence in how he dealt with people and how he conducted his own affairs was commendable. I accompanied his as he would walk around Harvard campus witnessing to people and inviting them to church, and they would come! There was no fear in this man. Every where we went, every state neighborhood or campus he would spread the word of God. He never had a scripted way of talking to people as he leaned on God as to what to say how to respond to each individual. It always appeared to be tailor- made to each person’s need as he was used of God to speak to their situation and answering their questions with patience, love and respect. Darryl had a perfect knowledge of the word of God and would without hesitation speak to anyone about the grace and glory of God with a humble and quiet spirit. He loved people and this was evident in the way he would patiently talk to them and the way they would look at him and respond. Darryl listened to them as is he had all the time in the world. Subsequently, he brought many people to Jesus Christ. Serving Jesus was Darryl’s passion. Through dedicated, consistent hard work and study he commanded respect because of his knowledge of the Word, his intelligence, efficiency, strong sense of duty and uncompromising commitment. Throughout his short life, obedience to God and His work came first. This revelation about God was evident in his daily life, and as his wife, I can acknowledge that if you depend on God and have no fear, everything falls into place. Sometimes, I would be pulling my hair out because of circumstances, but Darryl never allowed himself to be controlled by circumstances. He depended on God. This made him a confident and dependable husband and father to our child Hannah. At the National Labor Relations Board, a law firm in Hartford Connecticut; Darryl was an outstanding and dedicated employee, and he was a witness of God’s love, and a strong example of Christianity. Darryl served as Pastor of the last two 1/2 years of his life. He never stopped reading and studying until the late hours of the night meditating and writing notes for bible studies, and sermons. Then he would do his own work for the Labor Board. despite periods of intense pain due to various ailments he suffered he never lost his desire to preach and teach the word of God. The last week that he taught bible study at the church, I could see that he was not looking well; his eyes were becoming jaundiced and I could see that his strength was waning. I said, “Darryl, you are not feeling well. You have others in the church that can take over for you and teach the bible study. “ He kept his eyes looking forward as he drove our car and responded with quiet confidence and commitment, “That would be a defeatist attitude,” I will teach the bible study, don't worry. He went on to teach that night and he did a marvelous job.

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Victory - Darryl Hale


1663 Liberty Drive

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Phone: 1 (800) 839-8640

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