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Jüan of the Third Reich

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Jüan of the Third Reich

Lunghezza: 65 pagine48 minuti


By 1944 the Allies and the Germans knew that the war would soon be over, and that Hitler would lose. What most people don't know is that by 1945, Hitler and his Nazis were developing a "miracle weapon" - what would became known as the world's first atomic weapon. Juan of the Third Reich explores the possibility of Hitler winning WWII through the use of weapons of mass destruction. Would Hitler indeed detonate an atomic weapon to win the war? What would the world do in response? And if Hitler did win the war how would he make the world pay for opposing him? These are questions posed in Juan of the Third Reich and the answers are horrific. Because of Juan, a young teenage boy which accidentally becomes our historian, we know of what really happened during WWII and the alternative future we all could have lived in. We find out how the Roman Catholic Church became a conspirator with the Nazis and crowned Hitler as Emperor of the entire world. We find out the destruction that Hitler unleashed upon the world and that he would have followed through on his Final Solution to the Jewish problem. We also learn of how Hitler conquers the world and how he has absolute rule and dominion over everyone on Earth. Is there hope for anyone?

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