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And God Cried: The Struggle

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And God Cried: The Struggle

Lunghezza: 351 pagine6 ore


Experience the ultimate clasp between good and evil as Christ and Satan return to earth in human form to determine the fate of mankind forever.

So it came to be that Christ and Satan forged a pact that would finally determine the fate of mankind and with it their own as well!

Their return to earth will lead each in separate directions in using their specific powers to be the victor! Jesus will help to restore faith in a couple after a horrific encounter between their son and a mad man; a man who persevered through the devastating events of his childhood; and an old man suffering through the loss of his beloved wife.

Satan's path follows one of total destruction. He creates horrific events that will inflict thousands with a disease not seen in hundreds of years; destroys a national treasure; cold bloodily murders a world leader and utilizes the existing forces of evil to spread the word that he is walking among us.

The story is a roller coaster ride of emotions. At the end there will be only one standing and the world's fate lies in the balance.
The outcome will shock you and will change the future and destiny of mankind forever.
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