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Abraham: The Faith Child

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Freelance writer Maurice Evans is on the hunt for the next great human interest story. He specializes in biographies, and he comes across the perfect candidate for his next book in a small country town in Iowa. His subject? A 110-year-old man named Abraham Caldwell.

Abraham has led an extraordinary life. Born to a faithful Christian couple, Abraham was given the nickname the Faith Child and raised to believe that God can provide the impossible. As Maurice listens to the elderly gentlemans amazing story, hes inclined to believe it.

From his fathers miraculous recovery after a horrific car crash to a court case that ends with an unexpected twist, and from college days to new duties as a husband and father, its evident that Abraham has always relied on God to see him through life. In interview after interview, Maurice discovers his own faith changing and growing. He soon realizes that Abraham is not just a subject for a book, but an amazing example of how to live.

Deeply honest and heartfelt, Abraham: The Faith Child is a moving story of how putting faith in God can lead to a life full of promise and grace.

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