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For Those Who Care to Learn: A Text Book for Today and Tomorrow

For Those Who Care to Learn: A Text Book for Today and Tomorrow

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For Those Who Care to Learn: A Text Book for Today and Tomorrow

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Nov 3, 2008


As a channeled "messenger of the Holy Spirit," Malcha's words are logical, surprising, and sometimes shocking. A new spiritual perspective about lost civilizations, society's concerns with abortion, homosexuality, drug addiction, fair use of world resources, future forms of leadership, and even the worst atrocities ever known, are all catalysts in creating universal Oneness. Malcha is neither a prophet or alarmist. His words are a profound message of hope and eloquent instruction. In recognizing and using today's gift of the Holy Spirit, we can be guided and sustained through the growing pains of a New Age for mankind. In this process, we are to become something greater; a super-powered humanity possessing unsurpassed abilities that are to put us closer to a god-like state than we can presently imagine. Extraordinary difficulties preface this, and the end will be marked by a form of addictive music, gripping much of the world for a short time. Realizing the strangeness of this, we are asked to only remember Malcha's words and need not believe them. At this exact time, we are facing humanity's "finest hour upon the earth," when we are to become the gods of tomorrow's New Age.
Nov 3, 2008

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Lynn Caufman is founder of Circle of the Soul spiritual order, a Spiritualist mininster, Reiki Master, and certified National Spiritualist Association of Churches healer. She has served as a medium, lecturer, and teacher in various locations and taught meditation to inmates of a federal prison. Lynn is mother of two adult children and two grandchildren.

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For Those Who Care to Learn - Lynn B. Caufman



A Textbook For Today And Tomorrow

To Understand The Future We Must Understand The Past

To Understand The Future We Must Understand The Present

It Matters Not That Ye Believe My Words, Only That Ye Remember Them

Strive For New Awareness And Understanding

When Man Accepts All Forms Of Religion, Man Will Find God

Do Not Discredit The Creator By Underestimating The Intelligence Of The Creation

The State Of Unconditional Love

Out Of The Turmoil Will Come Those Who Exhibit A Leadership Among Men

Ye Are A Soul Of Evolution

The Gift Of The Holy Spirit

Progression And Harmony; Super Powered Humanity

Know That My Words Are For The Comfort Of Some And For The Ridicule Of Many

Man’s Finest Hour Upon The Earth

Ye Will Know Me More Intimately Than Anything In Existence

Ye Will Be The Gods Of The New Age


On September 11, 1992, in the time it takes to put a pencil to paper, my reality changed forever. In the days that followed and as the words flowed with unlimited knowledge, the personality of a magnificent being, Malcha, emerged. I have yet to fully realize the importance of the task in transcribing his words, for every day a new piece of the universe is revealed by his beautiful wisdom. Though channeling and automatic writing are by no means a new phenomenon, it is often looked upon as New Age fluff, and was certainly the furthest thing from my mind on that sunny autumn afternoon. The joy of having spirit communication is an indescribable feeling, but with it comes the responsibility to share it with the highest and best of intentions. Therefore, with all sincerity, I bring his words to anyone who wishes to consider the wisdom they contain.

This is a book to be read and re-read and referred to. Fortunately, it is of short duration. Though not difficult, the wording and concepts are truly loaded and require some thoughtful effort to be understood in the fullest degree. The sequence of information will sometimes appear to be not of a totally organized fashion. As I considered rearranging paragraphs and ideas, it became apparent the somewhat awkward chronology feeds the reader digestible levels of information and awareness, intermingled with encouragement, in just the right bites. The ability to grasp each concept, or to even consider them believable, requires this manner of wording and sequence. For this reason, I have not interfered with his peculiar but deliberately chosen flow of information. I feel I have done right by leaving it alone and have inserted only some beginning words of explanation for clarity. His presentation of earthly interests corresponds with the spiritual level of awareness he wishes the reader to learn at the time. This particular learning process enables one to understand and truly know what has been, is, and will be the path of man on this planet, along with how we are to continue.

Malcha speaks of history, morals, current affairs and the future. All are presented from an elevated level of unconditional love the human race has yet to grasp. Though what he has to say can be alarming, bizarre, and of questionable belief at times, the pervading theme of personal peace through understanding is always present. We need to remember this overall intent of love and understanding as he conveys what is to be the most difficult of times for all of us. By the knowledge and application of what he tells, in the end we will not just survive, but will thrive as a new kind of humanity.

The doomsayers have made their point and their money scaring us into hopelessness. Let us take up with how we are to endure the times ahead, with peace in our hearts and understanding in our souls. While unspeakable atrocities by men and violent adjustments by nature make way for a different world, we need to know how to live through these times and how we are to live in the near future. Here is a textbook for today and tomorrow, for those who care to learn.


Our first message from Malcha begins by speaking of the opportunities that souls have had from the earliest physical earth plane experience. This appears to be very much like the Hindu concept of transmigration, that we could once follow an evolutionary procedure through each of the physical plane kingdoms. This path from mineral to vegetable to animal states, all while remaining a spiritual being, was our playground of experiencing material life, until we made the fateful error of overstepping a crucial boundary. Note that Malcha’s reference to God as He in quotation marks is his attempt to convey a concept of God in a common perception. In no way is he implying that God is of either human qualities or form, nor is male. More importantly, there is a related short reference not to be overlooked, revealing a vital piece of information about who we truly are. The phrase, Pertaining to the scientific structure of atoms tells us we are all made of the same stuff, the identical energy and molecular content as that of God. And, this is what makes us in the image of God. Following this, we are assured that great intelligence is secondary to a sincere desire to have spiritual knowing, and every person is equal in this respect. However, perhaps our greatest hope and assurance comes from the promise that overcoming the mistake, or fall, is entirely possible, and we can thereby move beyond the trapped state of physical existence. The tests of material allurements are addressed with an insightful, spiritual twist that might motivate us to look at our own approach of how we view and use our physical possessions. Especially interesting, is the glimpse we are given of the origins of religion, although this may not be too surprising to some readers. Within this story, Malcha reveals the secret of lost civilizations and how, at particular intervals, some of mankind has found its way back home and beyond the earthly path of continuous incarnations. It follows that Malcha could not omit a brief explanation of Jesus and the manner in which his teachings were meant to have been received. Again, in the style of his writing, Malcha is so very simplistic, but is what appears to be accurate. This first transcription begins the unfolding of the entire purpose of both this book and the point of Malcha’s presence. Over and over he tries to dispel our fears of the future, and what will come from it, all within the absolute necessity of finding and holding our state of inner peace. With each section, please read with thoughtful insight. Read between the lines and put together each of the concepts, perhaps sentence by sentence, and see what comes to be known.

MALCHA: Mankind must learn from the past if the future is to be of help in the evolution of souls. The world began as a playground, of sorts, created for the enjoyment of souls that could come and go as they pleased, relishing in the delights of physical manifestations. Souls could contain themselves into any object they pleased, be it plant, rock, or animal. Yea, there was no limit to what a soul could experience. Humanity came into being as a physical manifestation of its own kind by the desire to control the processes of life and death. Prior to this, a soul came and went, to and from, all planes of existence in this universe and all others, untouched by what mankind now sees as life and death. The desire to control these aspects was manifested by sexual activity. Sex itself was not the desire. The implications it permitted—life and death—were what souls found irresistible. It was truly the only area of all that God alone remained the sole creator. This is not difficult to understand. Souls looked at the power possessed in these processes and wanted it, too, although God had given souls all abilities except this. In God’s image, what God is, His abilities, His undying love, is what each human possesses, and even now, the ability to produce life

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