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A Mirror Image of the Universe

A Mirror Image of the Universe

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A Mirror Image of the Universe

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Nov 24, 2010


The story begins when eternity gave birth to time. The night was far-flung and astronomically wonderful when these giant bodies that we call stars were born. The stars are in galaxies of 100 billion solar masses that make up the Milky Way, which is just one galaxy among many. Chapman asserts that the universe, in its entirety, is a single organism with a complex structure comprised of countless trillions of organisms of lesser size. By asking you to really think about all he presents within the book, Chapman appeals to your introspective side, and he shows you how to understand the intricate details in all the twists and turns of the truth, which is obscured in this vast universe.

If you are ready to look at our universe in a new and innovative way, The Countless Trillions of Universes within Universes can show you how!
Nov 24, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Samuel Chapmanis a retired teacher and the author of two previously published books. He has an associate of arts degree from St. Clair County Community College, and bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees from Michigan State University. Chapman resides in Michigan with his wife, Delores Mae.

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A Mirror Image of the Universe - Samuel L. Chapman


Chapter 1

The Starlit Spectrum of Space

Seeing The Way Things Are

The starlit spectrum of space holds the mystery of a great story.

I remember one dark enchanting evening on a farm in Lancaster Ohio. I stood alone looking in the luminous night, wishing to get a glimpse of something that is extragalactic and wonderful; coming out of the luminous darkness of the starlit spectrum of space.

This story is far flung and hid in a wondrous cosmic sky, that’s sparkling dim, with the twinkling images that seem to be looking down on the evening and causing it to be enchanting, mystifying and denying; disallowing the full view of its image; leaving a question to be asked; What is the universe? Is it a living organism that’s hid in the dark clouds of the truth; or is it just lifeless elements that enclosed in a deep dark secret? I am looking for a fact that has never been revealed before. This story is about the discovery of the universe; what it is, and what it look like.

When we define the universe; we must see the whole body and tell it like it is; In doing this we would have discovered the truth; so, let me lie back and just enjoyed the mystical beauty of the stare, and define it in a spiritual way; And let me watch the stars through the clouds and the moon through the trees and maybe I can see and understand the universe, in a small way or maybe, in a great way.

In seeing the way things are; I see the crowded branches of the trees willfully shadowing the starry face of the sky, leaving nothing but mystic wonder; hovering, in a blue mysterious lucent arch over the earth. This curved spanning structural is more mystifying; because I know it is a bird eyes view of the universe; the rest is hid in the immensity… causing me to be energize in the effort of learning more about its hidden identity, that’s obscured in the loftiness of this interstellar sanctuary; of the cosmographic of its space; I am hoping to find something that would allow me to tell a story, that’s never been told before; and be able to process its data, with definite understanding of it graphics; and be able to make a drawing of its starlit ramble, and measure it by the rules of mathematics, that’s in science; and bring forth the fact that prove the existence of the thing, that’s never been seen or heard of before. And prove that the ghost of truth is hid in the secret parts of this heavenly body. I realize the fact; that it has never been exposed to the minds of low interest. The visibility of its existence, is inclusively hidden in its omnipotent size; causing it not to be completely observed and understood.

In seeing the way things are, we realized the fact that these giant bodies that we call stars are nothing but solar systems that are in galaxies of a 100 billion (10) solar masses that make up our spiraling galaxies, throughout the entire universe. As we continue to look at the way things are, we see that these big bodies are made up of the tiny atom; the invisible spectrum of life; the ghost of truth; the Stardust of heaven; an entity that is too small to be seen by the naked eye; but can be traced, by the proper microscope, one that is capable of viewing the smallest unit of an element. The question is; what does it look like? The answer; reflects in the mirror; It shows us what it look like. It reveals that it look like a solar system! Being that it has a dense, central, positively charged nucleus, that is surrounded by a system of electrons that is equal in number to the number of nuclear protons. These features that I have mention give the tiny atom the right to claim its rights as being identical in body structure and operation as that of our larger solar systems.

The view of the heaven, shows a clear operation of sameness in both the tiny atom and the giant colossal size atom; because both of them are in the same body of the universe; with features in contrasts, between the two; showing a sharp different only in size; one is small the other is large; Is it also true that the tiny atoms have the same features, that is identical to the large solar systems, because the large solar systems were built by the tiny atom; they evolved all the existent things that are in the universe. The tiny atom has to claim its omnipotence and accept the fact that the sun and its families of planets look like (them) the tiny atoms.

Today we know that the tiny atom is the ultimate source of omnipotent power to create and procreate. It is well defined as the origin of matter, and the building blocks of all matter that has weight and takes up space. In addition to all of its claims; it is the origin of evolution; whereby it evolved everything. Now in the light of these facts, one could say that the death of stars is the present of the tiny atom; the ghost of the universe… the invisible presence of all living things that preside in this universal space.

These tiny building blocks, harness the spirit; and the spirit became visible and mobile, uniformly about 5 billion years ago; subsequently, it began to evolve toward its perfection; coming from the eternal cycle of energy, that is hid in the heavenly sanctuary of the most holiest place where the splendor of life and love germinates returning life, forever; proving its paternal and maternal, procreative forces, that exist in the body of this universe.

The visible spectrum of life is an unending color of life that are disperse in the prism of reflected light coming from the galaxies that crowd the universe, in all space… a small parts of it were photographed by the Hubble Space telescope. Figure 1.1 shows this.

Figure 1.1

This photo is a mirror image of the universe in a minute snap shot, of the inside of this magnificent body of life that we call the universe. This picture is a small specimen of a portion or quantity of the spectrum of life, that’s in the universe. The life of the earth and all living things, evolved out of Earth’s matter into many splendid things.

In the book of the Bible shows a spiritual projection in (Genesis 2:7); where it says; That the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. Now, it is fair to say that the breath and the dust of life came from the ghost of the universe; the power of the omnipotent one that lives forever.

The wisdom of the ages teaches that the breath of life were never created, it was already there waiting in eternity. Eternal things are not created in time; only earthly hands create things in time. The earthly hands of the artist and the scientist are creative work. Their hands cannot procreate eternal things.

The story of creation is told in a personal manner taken from our own collective knowledge. It is told in an indirect manifestation of the truth that is in accordance with our innate ability. On a global scale it is believed that the human hand cannot produce life from nothing or what we think is lifeless matter, such as the elements that make up the earth. We are limited in understanding the biological genetic structure that we need to have before we can fabricate the procreated life that we see here on planet Earth.

Is it a true fact that shows us the pattern of life which is a paradox that we cannot understand how the biology of the maternal and paternal Gods, are collated with each other and how the male sovereign is complete only when he is collated with the female God; And both are bonded together to form the image that is eternally Formatted into a deity; that are cast as male and female. I am talking about the ultimate energy relationship; which is the infallible source of procreative energy that produces all living things that are in this universe. This monogamy relationship make them omnipotence in their instinctive evolutionary characteristics, that’s fabricated in their maternal and paternal abilities; which are seen in the changing forms of life; that is changing by evolutionary transformation from life to death and from death to life.

The natural presence of these organisms relates to a deity that is glowing in the mirror of time and eternity, reflecting countless examples of the female and male images of many different kinds of organisms that produce or generate another in a monogamous custom that continues forever in this cosmic space.

Who can deny the cosmic wonder, in the nature of natural selection or the principle in the characteristic of evolutionary transformation, as being an act of God, that are both male and female? Their presence are testifying that they are the everlasting procreators of the universe; having potential and kinetic, evolutionary energy that is whirling around in the immensity of the entire galactic galleries, that is in, all space; You can see the spectrum of life pouring forth the rush of life and death, in a continuing cycle that goes on forever in a rude dimension of endless space that surround an obscured universe, by such exotic and enchanting vastness.

Seeing the way things are. We are now brought to a better understanding of the wonder of life. We can see a little clearer today, than any time in the 5 billion years of evolution. We are able to trace our foot prints back to our early ancestors; back when the stuff of life, were in its dormant stage of freshly molten planetary form; back when the wisdom of the ages developed the source of vital life out of dead star stuff of potent energy; Today its a clear fact, that stardust, are atoms; And, that they are the building blocks of life; including all other particles of matter that make up the universe. We intelligently embrace this knowledge, and with it, we stand at the edge of the universe watching stars die, and fully understanding the fact, that death comes, only to organisms!

Organisms dying in the universe:

We are watching them die in our Milky Way; whirling into the distant constellation; like dead bodies rushing to the grave yards, carrying their planets and all other bodies with them; leaving the approximation, that says; who will be lift to mourn over our passing; could it be the procreators; the ones that are able to start life again; ones that are able to evolve a new creation, from the same dead particles of gas and dust, that are blowing in the stellar winds of time?

Are we the anointed generation? Have we been given the divine manifestation of the procreator’s intelligence? Does this intelligence allow us to see the death and resurrection of stars? Are we metastasized into an age of clear understanding of the things that we are able to see? No generation in the pass is responsible for knowing and understanding what we know today. No generation in the pass has come this far, to the edge of the universe. No generation is older than us and no collected knowledge bank is more filled than ours.

Maturity in the generation of mankind; is responsible for him seeing and understanding that stars decompose, like the organisms of plants and animals, here on earth. The physics shows that stars dies when they burn up all of its core’s hydrogen and helium, allowing its core to contract and separate from the outer gassy layer, leaving the dying star outer layer of gassy matter with nothing to do but expand; it dilates until it becomes a ‘swollen super luminous red giant; This was stated by, Patricia Edmonds. (Figure 1.2,) shows a plume of this gas and dust, in interstellar space, which turns out to be the stuff of life, or you might say preexisting life or the nebular, from which our solar system evolved.

Figure 1.2

Our solar system has evolved from some un-named, curious, preexisting nebular that were once dead and nesting in a constellation that were fixed thousands of light years away. It was waiting to be germinated by the great omnipotent force; that created life out of the accretion of space; and began its first stage of evolutional development toward a distinctively recognizable form of life and be born like an embryo out of an egg shell to live and die in a duration of time.

When referring to the death of a star. How can we define it? We must observe and consider the fact that a star is dead when the system fall apart and becomes reshaped into a completely different unproductive forms; Yet, it is indestructible matter, that is lock in eternity; waiting to be awaken by the radiated stellar winds to breathe the breath of life back into its dead cast off body, that is call the nebular. The nebular forces the omnipotent power to give orders to the atoms that make up the nebular body to live again. At this moment, it began to absorb the dead star’s ultra violet light and readmit it back in brilliant starlit colors; such as gold, aqua, lavender, crimson, green and rose, making it a beautiful beginning of a new cosmic life. (That is seen in (Figure 1.2 above).

Our solar system was born out of the ashes that came from the death of stars. It came like the violet pang or spasm of pain, as in childbirth. says, Patricia Edmonds.

She said that a star live again when cosmic dust and gas particles are drawn together by their own gravity falling in on themselves and growing hotter and denser, igniting nuclear fusion that turns hydrogen into life radiating helium energy that beams from the core of the sun to the earth. It was about five billion years ago, when our sun began regenerating life on this planet; and it will continue for another five billion years, said, Patricia Edmonds. It is also pointed out that sometime in the ominous future our solar system will die again.

In the USA Weekend magazine, dated Dec. 12-14, 1997. This article showed four photos that were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. It verified the fact, showing the expiration of stars. It showed stars in their last gasps . . . dying violently in supernovas. In this review of dying stars; Patricia Edmonds, projected that 95 percent of the stars in our Milky Way will die that way and most likely our on sun will die by degrees over billions of years. When our sun dies we all die, because our planet is a family member of the sun. It is a sure thing that when it stops rotating, we will stop revolving around it and that will be the death of a solar system.

It is proven in death that we are the body of the earth and a family member of the solar, because our remains after death are returned back to the earth; our bodies decomposes and separate into the componential parts of the elements of the earth. The earth dies with the solar system, and the solar system dies and returns back to be a nebular in some unknown constellation. For five billion years, our solar system has been giving life and death to the species that lives on our planet earth, and ever since that time every living organism has returned back to the body of the earth; making them a part of the earth and a member of the solar system.

Death and life, is the way things are. It is intelligent design, that, we live and die. Just think how grotesque the earth would be, if all organic matter did not die. We would have five billion years of collective bodies of living organisms forever growing. It would be a collection of bodies of every organism, growing into a diabolical size of about five billion years, of animal and plant growth. We must die to keep this from happening. We must have eternal life by the way of returning life. We shall return from death, forever.

The Hubble Space Telescope’s galactic gallery has shown, that, returning life is the way things are! It has shown; the life and death of the stars, in a blinding spectrum of supernovas that are photographed by the modern day star gazing equipment. This modern marvel of light has photograph a mirror image of the dying stars. It has shown life and death to be universally the same, throughout the entire universe. I have stated this before. It is common knowledge that life and death comes only to organisms, and if the universe is subject to death, it is conclusive that the universe as a whole is a gigantic living organism.

The great eye of the telescope sees, solar systems dying like cells in the human body; throwing off brilliant shells of gas and dust. Each, individual cell, dies, when they reach old age; they become, cast off matter, which turns into a super, luminous ghost, or a shadowy spectrum of a star. Now from this specter of death, life will evolve again, out of this eternal; energy, to serve again as a planet; or, as a protoplasmic bodies of cosmic living cells, that are in, these heavenly bodies. It takes 7 million years for the birth of a star to take place, within the body of a nebula, where the hereditary material continue to evolve life in its environment, of favorable condition; where the viable seed of life can grow and germinate new life in this space, that we call the nebula, that nests in the constellations of ultimate expand.

This ultimate expand, is the entire universe working together as a whole, which is a mirror image of all the solar system that are in the universe; they all are sharing spermatic life, to their planets; causing them to come alive with teeming organic new life.

The wonder of new life;

This wonder of life were revealed by the scientific study of the universe beyond the earth; this study were done by the astronomer, William Marvis; he described the beginning of a new born sun’s long duration of twinkling vital life as self-luminous; self-containing mass of gas in which the energy generated by the nuclear reaction in the interior, balanced by the outflow of energy to the surface and the inward directed gravitational force are balanced by the outward directed gas and radiation pressure. He described these factors as being the telling pantomimes that cause the birth of our solar system and its nine planets and other celestial bodies that’s in its body.

This harmonious operation of the birth of the different species of life, testifies of a vigorous struggle of pin wheeling mass of cosmic bodies that are demonstrated in all forms of organic matter. It shows that these forms of life have diverged from the existing forces of the tiny atom; operating uniformly as the making of the earth and all organic life that exist in it. We know that these pin wheeling atoms are living beings, they are the smallest known animal… the first particle of life. These tiny building blocks are the procreators of the spinning planetary giants that are seen in the farthest reaches of space; which are also living being.

The new birth of solar systems prove to be a ritualistically cosmic phenomenon in their birth of returning celestial life that comes out of clouds of dust and gas that which is made up of atoms; the omnipotent power of all procreative forms of matter. These building blocks are the ultimate designer and constructor of all the pass and present life forms that have existed in the universe in all time zones, since the beginning.

The atom testifies of itself as being the exclusive (known) particle that makes up the form of matter, which is anything that has weight and take up space, regardless of its size; weather or not it be the smallest unit that make up the single celled organism or the colossal size atoms that exist in the galactic gallery of our universe; the atom is the total meaning of the word matter.

The great evolutionist has given the greatest gift of intelligence to the human organism he has developed their mental capacity to a degree of advanced understanding, in so much that we can unequivocally say that the tiny atom is the building block of all living and none living forms of matter. We can also recognize the fact that the atom is omnipresence, which means that it is present everywhere. Hypothetically, it is so high that you cannot scale over it, so low that you cannot go under it and so wide you cannot go around it. With this well, meaning rhetoric, I can hardly began to express this omnipotent power; even with this puny approach, I can truly say that we are a part of this great mass, which makes us equivalent to the whole body.

We have come to realize that the greater part of the universe is invisible and the part that is seen is measureless. No one have ever seen an atom in its clearest form; maybe not, but that does not deter the physicist from seeing the spectrum of the atom; glowing in the darkness of space; this dark background, create a contras between darkness and light; that which allow us to draw a vicarious image of it, by tracing its directions that are given by its compelling influence that relate to the clue to its structure and body form.

Maria Goeppert, the Nobel Prize winner in physics for her detail understanding of the atom. She made it possible for scientists to image a single atom by using the atomic force microscope that can resolve objects as small as a nanometer across, by a feeling and scanning over the surface accordance to a report at the American Physical Society’s Annual Meeting in March of 97. They also reported that the resonance force microscope is more spectacular in its discoveries than the atomic force microscope; They said that it is a resonating system; having a hollow chamber or cavity with dimension that is chosen to permit internal resonant oscillation of electromagnetic or acoustical waves of a specific frequencies to produce an image from the unlike acoustical waves of a specific frequencies, on a resonant sensitive plate that has the probability of a neutron. Now putting it in a more simple, but logical way… it takes a picture when the image of the atom is revealed, it looks like a tiny solar system.

Obviously, all atoms are solar systems that are useful for the building blocks of life. We can truly say that all matter is made up of tiny solar systems and they are a sculpture likeness of the giant solar systems that you see in our Milky Way galaxy.

A good question may be asked; A question that says in fact; could these large planetary solar systems that we see in our universe be building blocks on a more grandly scale? Could these enormous size solar systems; builds cells, that make up tissue in the bodies of cosmic size organisms? Through logical reasoning; we know that the atom builds super massive life forms that is displayed in the galaxies that which the earth’s sun is a member; could our solar system be one building block in this great colossal size body that we call the universe? Think about

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