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Oxymoron?: A Practical Guide to Fun and Effective Teaching

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Oxymoron?: A Practical Guide to Fun and Effective Teaching

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Are you a fun teacher? Or has your teaching slid into the same old everyday routine? Jazz up your approach with the innovative techniques found in Oxymoron?, and transform your classroom from boring to exciting!

Through his years of teaching, author and teacher Matthew Bryant has discovered a need for teachers who are able to motivate students as well as pique their interest in learning. This strikes at the very heart of education and is something that numerous schools and teacher training programs lack. Many teachers know they are not fun, but they lack a solution to the problem.

Oxymoron? is a practical guide for any educator who is currently teaching grades kindergarten through high school. Using personal experiences from the classroom and recollections from when he was in school, Bryant focuses on how simple changes in an educator's routine can effect a student's perception about the teacher-and about school.

If you are not reaching your full potential as an educator, then Oxymoron? can help you transform your routine from dull to inspired!

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