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Spiritual Delight

Spiritual Delight

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Spiritual Delight

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Oct 21, 2010


Spiritual Delight offers a collection of poetry written at a time when author Wynters Reign was experiencing great struggle; all of his fears and pain are apparent in his verse. Even so, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; no journey of love and passion is ever fruitless, since love is the key to a successful journey through life. These words were written to encourage and inspire anyone trapped in negative situations and circumstances related to love and relationships

This collection of poetry speaks to lovers who are still finding new ways of showing and proving their love to (and for) those they truly love; it speaks to the downtrodden and the disenfranchised, those still victimized by the illusions of depression through drug addiction and abuse. Finally, and most importantly, it speaks to those who are spiritually inclined to be servants of the Most High God.
Oct 21, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Wynters Reign was born in the mid-fifties and raised on the “Cracked Streets” of Harlem, going through just about enough to be considered a true survivor. He’s done it all, living fast and finding out the hard way that crime doesn’t pay. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Spiritual Delight - Wynters Reign




Do You Know Me…

The Love That Makes Me Roam

Heard a sound

Never Ever Stop…

Mama Used To Say:

Getting High

Too Blind To Satisfy Me


Lips to kiss

Calender Love

Tomorrow’s Laughter

To Win


Invasion of Privacy

A Good Man Down

Skeletal Remains

My Sorrow To You

I Continued To Stand

The Sacrifice Of One

The Sound Of Agony

Lust For Love


The Judge Revealed

Heart To Thee

Dear Dad

Do What I Must…

Misery… Mystery

Old Faithful Tree


Girl Of My Dream


God’s Song


A Saying

My Heart Cries

Open The Door To Jesus

God Bless The Man

Be My Love

Nickels On The Ground

Free From Sin

At First Sight

My Social Dependency:

Living Room Door

Her Pet-Peeve

Batten Down The Hatch

Press The Gas

Looking For A Handout

Complete Despise

Social Unwind

Where There’s Man There’s King

We will March:

Noble Minds

Playing Games

Sighed Relief

Terror Trained…

Tears And Torment:

Meet Supreme:

Death is Living Regret

The King

Angel Dust


Agony In Defeat

Souls Of Getting Down

A Spiritual Matter:

Jailhouse Blues


Dear Dad:

High before you die

A Burning Hell:

Your Soul Will Crack

A Love Agenda

A Wet-One:

No Longer On The Mound

U-Haul Ball:

With No One There To Cry For:

Apples From My Apple-Tree

God Remains

God Will Continue…

Glory Of The Lord


Bless These Numbers

First Step

Never Sever ties

Heaven Blush

Just Have A Heart

Doctor’s Bill

Such A Sap

Legally Blind Zoo Keeper With A Cattle Probe

A Doctor Can’t Operate On Himself

Carry On As Best We Should

A Friend Of Mine

I’ll Be There

With Brothers Like You Who Needs Enemies


Truly Understand

Get Thee Behind Me

Heaven’s Above

Not A Joy Ride

One More Bridge To Cross

Time Will Wait

Physical Stuff

High Is A Lie

Free To Cope

Without A Trace

Heaven Runs The Show

Good Morning Lord


You Look So Fine

I Got The Spirit Of The Lord

The Lord Ain’t Stop Blessing Me

The Church Triumphant

How I Love Thee

I Love You My Love

Dear Lord I Love Her Dearly

My Sister My Love

Happy Birthday

Dear Lord


These words were written to encourage and inspire my readers caught up in situations and circumstances due to love relationships; dangerous high risk behaviors due to drug abuse and of criminal activities and lifestyle. It is also of spiritual motivational for some.

It is written for lovers who are still finding new ways of showing and proving their love to (and for) those they truly love.

It is written for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised who are still victimized by the illusions of depression by way of drug addiction and abuse.

It is written for those who are spiritually inclined to be servants of the Most High God.

Do You Know Me…

Do you know me…

Do you care…

Love is all around me…

Deception’s everywhere!

Do you know who I am…

Or what I really mean?

Or do you dare to avoid…

What’s behind the scene?

Or say I…, you…

How make I this vision blur…

And sharpen crystal clear?

With brush I polish so brand new…

Then I make eyes to stare.

So that it be that which I make…

And not that which I saw.

Is not my life a bitter waste…?

That now I’m just a bore?

The Love That Makes Me Roam

The heart… the most precious jewel known…

For without… no virtue is ever shown.

Diamonds… Platinum… A Golden-dome…

Are all a part of a heart in torn.

Being deprived of the knowledge born…

Locked behind walls a heart’s worn…

Haven’t the power of which I morn…

Over a love of which I’m gone.

An irretrievable heart alone…

That’s lost without a cell to phone…

The pain absorbed of which I roam…

For a love that makes me groan.

Heard a sound

I heard a sound in people minds…

I could not believe my ears.

With tongs projecting confused lines…

Their hearts confessed their fears.

Wonder if they hear themselves…

I wonder if they know!

Beneath the violent raging shelves…

A quiet candle glow.

Why do they speak like thugs and hoods…

Why can’t they hear themselves think!

Thinking bad and feeling good…

Is depriving the moral link.

I want to show them right from wrong…

I wanted to teach the truth.

But trying to change a leopard song…

Is hopeless… What’s the use!

I find that people like themselves…

Not knowing who they are.

To know the truth about themselves…

Might get them very far.

So why go on convincing myself…

That I could conquer change.

Repeating challenges without wealth…

Would make me bout the same.

It’s not so hard being confused…

Not knowing what to say.

But I can’t commit to

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