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Blood Money

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Blood Money

Lunghezza: 421 pagine6 ore


Set in the 1930's, Blood Money is mesmerizing historical suspense confronting hard truth on international finance, politics, persecution and espionage. Readers walk the line between free enterprise and genocide with Gordon Fraser, an ambitious yet idealistic correspondent for "the man of the century," William Randolph Hearst.

Gordon's charge was to pitch restoration of U.S. prosperity through foreign trade. But America's new trading partner was to become the butcher of the century, Adolf Hitler. Soon Gordon dangled as a puppet on devils' strings.

The devils were the elite of American business, a cartel named "New Jerusalem." They would finance, supply and provoke a war, even holocaust to leverage depression into global market dominance.

Deadline: Berlin is a disturbing account of the causes of World War II, based on world press coverage of Nazi Germany, private corporate records and declassified documents from FDR's cabinet and the FBI. War-for-profit remains front-page news today: Cloaked in the mantle of free trade, U.S. corporations are the largest arms dealers in the world, and trade with violent, tyrannical regimes who persecute their own citizens for their religious and political beliefs.

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