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A Logger's Dream

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Aging logger Daniel Hobgood looks back on a life lived in pursuit of a dream. Born the son of a struggling pulpwooder, he fought against the odds to rise above the path that folks thought he ought to follow. Always looking for a better way, young Daniel's thinking was always outside the box. He would try any idea that would help him in pursuit of his dream.

Life in post-World War II Alabama was a time of hard work, poverty, sorrow, humor, and joy. The church is a big part of the culture, providing the backdrop against which lives were lived. Daniel's life is no exception. Work, church, coon hunting, and family are all he knows. The more he learns, the more he realizes he has yet to learn.

Did Daniel achieve his dream? Was the dream worth the struggle? If you have ever had a dream, join Daniel as he remembers his six decades of living A Logger's Dream.

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