Persuasive Parables

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Persuasive Parables

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In Persuasive Parables, a former advertising and marketing executive shares inspiring personal anecdotes, homilies from his beloved grandmother, and significant life lessons in order to help sales professionals navigate more easily and productively through todays challenging world.

Bill Claypoole, the driving force behind the spectacular growth and dynamic reputation of one of West Texass largest advertising firms, relies on his forty-plus years of hiring, training, and teaching sales and marketing professionals to provide guidance and wisdom to young professionals who want to build and sustain a successful career. While interspersing his grandmothers wisdom and his own personal stories throughout, Claypoole offers sales professionals trusted and proven advice on how to write a personal mission statement; set and attain realistic goals; become a persuasive communicator; increase productivity; create a professional image; achieve and retain a prospects attention; impress an audience with a polished presentation. The expert guidance offered in Persuasive Parables will help young professionals develop a passion for marketing, salesmanship, and the kind of leadership skills that will help propel their career on a path to achieving unlimited success.

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