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The Color of Hate

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The Color of Hate

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As a married black couple, Doris and Shaun begin living their American dream in the heart of the racist South in the 1960s. Shaun, a successful financier, and Doris, an educator, have two children together. Like many married couples, they find it tough to juggle their career and family life, while also confronting southern culture's pervasive racism. In time, Doris suspects her husband could be having an affair. He's restless; distant. Worse, Doris fears the dalliance may be with a white woman, a race Doris despises.

Doris' suspicions prove to be on target. Shaun's one-night fling with Kathleen, a white woman, results in the birth of a child. Before Doris can confront her husband, she finds Kathleen dead. The only witness is Shaun and Kathleen's traumatized young daughter, Shauna, who doesn't remember what happened. Doris and Shaun take in Shauna after the tragedy. As she grows, however, her presence causes family heartache. Still, the question lingers: Who killed her mother?

When a videotape surfaces and the truth is revealed, the answer to the mystery sends shockwaves throughout the whole of Atlanta. Compelling and suspenseful, The Color of Hate will leave you guessing who committed such a crime, and have you reflecting on the issues and implications surrounding racism.

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