Three Paths, Three Choices: Getting the Life That You Deserve

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Three Paths, Three Choices: Getting the Life That You Deserve

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Nowhere on an academic schedule will you find the course Choices 101. Thus, we struggle to make the correct choices to advance our lives in a desired direction. Changing your life direction is not an epiphany but an ongoing process that begins with the selection of particular paths on a daily basis.

These paths and their obstacles are illustrated in enlightening vignettes as author Sherry D. Ransom introduces the art of making choices and changing your life at any given moment, as well as the three paths of opportunity that await you each day:

The Checkered Path-You choose not to choose. This choice seems relatively low risk but it is fraught with surprises. Your only goal is to survive another day. The Yellow Path-You choose to continue the low-risk yesterday. Whether you lived yesterday in a state of happiness or depression, you choose to live today in the same manner to avoid surprises. Any fulfillment is fleeting because there is no real pattern or goal. The Green Path-Living life with purpose. You make choices with an eye toward a goal and you have weighed the risks. This path leads to mounting satisfaction.

Ransom also shares her own inspirational story of growing up without direction and, through determination, finding the path to personal fulfillment. Three Paths, Three Choices will challenge your old patterns of thinking and help you to face your own negativity and unleash the personal power that is yours for the taking.

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