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My Enemy Is a Coward: Fighting an Enemy That You Can’T See

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My Enemy Is a Coward: Fighting an Enemy That You Can’T See

Lunghezza: 125 pagine1 ora


My Enemy is a Coward is about struggling with the chronic disease called Multiple Sclerosis. The author, Hiekaleez, was diagnosed with MS just after graduating from college. It was as if his dreams were over! In the very beginning, he didnt know what to do. He decided to get baptized and to seek his lifes purpose. My Enemy is a Coward is about his hunt for answers.
It has been a life-changing journey that awakened this dreamer. The nightmare of carrying this thing came into his life at a time when he felt like he was on his way to making a positive impact in the world. Having Multiple Sclerosis interrupted his plans and led him to seek God and His plans for his life. This ended up being a great thing really. What the enemy meant for bad, through his Savior Jesus Christ, turned into what will ultimately guide him into being a blessing to someone else. This is just what it took for him to fulfill his purpose!
His tough exterior was broken down and his true self was exposed to the world, using his pen as my eyes and the ink as my tears.
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