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Pip-Pip to Hemingway in Something from Marge

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Marge Bump met Ernest Hemingway for the first time during the summer of 1915. She was walking back from Hortons Creek in northern Michigan where she had caught her first fish; he was a handsome sixteen-year-old who invited Marge to troll for rainbow trout. And so began a friendship between a young Hemingway and a freckled teenage girl that would extend throughout the famous authors lifetime.

Some ninety-five years later, Georgianna Main, daughter of Marge Bump, chronicles her mothers recollections of her friendship with Hemingway through letters, photos, and conversations that shed light on previously unrevealed events that occurred during Hemingways early life. Through her own insights and observations, Marge provides a captivating interpretation of both her real-life friendship with Hemingway and the fictionalized relationship between Marge and Nick Adams presented in Hemingways classic story The End of Something.

Pip-Pip to Hemingway in Something from Marge is a profile of innocence and youth in northern Michigan, where a creek and a trout bring a young girl and boy together in an unforgettable friendship.

A fascinating book for all Hemingway aficionados
--H. R. Stoneback, Professor, Department of English, the State University of New York

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