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Mission Possible: Eat More 2 Lose More

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Mission Possible: Eat More 2 Lose More

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The Author possesses personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Weider Institute of Health, combined with 23 years of experience in the field of kinesiology, resistance and cardiovascular training, as well as an extensive knowledge in nutrition.  .  Thorough research has been conducted during the writing of the book through seminars, studies, reading and many other avenues revolving around health. It is such a fascinating subject that the author devoted three years of research in pursuit of valuable information published in this book. The authors' own experience with fighting obesity acted as an inspiration for writing "Mission Possible"(use the same font as Mission possible). Following many odd diets with no success and consuming many supplements with detrimental effect on the body, the author successfully lost weight by adhering to the use of the traditional food pyramid (FDA approved) for his program, combined with a regular exercise regimen. The program offered in this book will allow you to maintain your ideal weight while eating as much as you want of the right foods. Understanding the science of what foods to combine, at what time of the day to eat them, will allow you to lose weight, while still enjoying your favorite foods (fast food not included). Many of these strategies are used in Western Europe and are very helpful for those suffering from obesity-related diseases. This two parts, two phases method described in this book will help you understand the complex relationship of food and how to use it in your advantage to control and maintain your ideal weight. Knowledge of your own body will help reach these goals. This is your journey, Ladies and Gentlemen. Your Destination? Living long, healthy and looking good!

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