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Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives

Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives

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Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives

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Aug 8, 2018


"It would be naive to suppose that intelligent life exists only on Earth. Dr. Linda Backman's groundbreaking book offers credible evidence of evolved interplanetary souls incarnate in human bodies. Souls on Earth presents a critical understanding of the gifts and challenges of such advanced beings."—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind

Discover the profound truth about interplanetary souls—people whose previous lives were experienced on distant planets or in other dimensions.

In her work as a regression hypnotherapist, Dr. Linda Backman frequently meets with individuals who have had past lives on planets and realms beyond Earth. These individuals—called interplanetary souls—have agreed to come to Earth to help support the evolution of the planet as well as to develop themselves and learn lessons for spiritual advancement.

In Souls on Earth, Dr. Backman shares her fascinating work with interplanetary souls. This book explores the characteristics of interplanetary souls so that if you are one, you will be able to understand more about your life purpose and cope with the special challenges that come with an incarnation on Earth. Learn how to identify IP souls and discover how they can assist humanity's evolution. Explore ways to support yourself or loved ones who may be IP souls. For many people struggling with difficult lessons or trying to find meaning, this book opens the door to new understandings and the potential for peace.


"Based upon data from case studies gathered across decades in more than ten thousand soul regressions, Dr. Backman describes our soul energy as a light frequency, as our luminous body, and reveals that from our first incarnation, our divine soul light initiates a long-term and profound climb toward higher wisdom. In this book, we discover that each of us arrives on Earth with a two-fold evolutionary purpose: To progress our individual soul and to holistically advance life on Earth."—Hank Wesselman, PhD, author of The Spiritwalker Trilogy and the award-winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman)

"Souls on Earth by Linda Backman is a fascinating book filled with a grounded presentation and case studies that share a wealth of information and insights into the different dimensions of reality and wisdom brought to Earth by incarnate interplanetary souls. This is a wonderfully written and thought-provoking book!"—Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light

"Nothing clears the mind and body as well as Past Life Therapy. Wherever you are on your soul evolution path, this is the way to integration of everything."—C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of International Institute of Holistic Medicine, president of Shealy Wellness, cofounder of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, and author of Conversations with G: A Physician's Encounter with Heaven

"As someone who has extensive experience studying the evolution of the soul, I highly applaud Linda Backman for her dedication and courage in taking us on a fantastic voyage through time and space in her groundbreaking book Souls on Earth."—Kim Russo, psychic medium, intuitive counselor, and host of Psychic Intervention and The Haunting Of...

Aug 8, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Dr. Linda Backman (Colorado) is a licensed psychologist with more than forty years of experience in private practice. Dr. Backman studied, co-taught, and co-established The Society for Spiritual Regression (now the Newton Institute) with pioneering therapist and best-selling author Dr. Michael Newton. She has conducted thousands of past-life and between-lives hypnotherapy regression sessions.

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Souls on Earth - Linda Backman

About the Author

Dr. Linda Backman, EdD, licensed psychologist, has been in private practice since 1978. Dr. Backman is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between (Llewellyn, 2009) and The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration (Llewellyn, 2014). She also has graduate education and training in the fields of speech pathology, audiology, and special education. After experiencing the premature birth and death of her second child, Dr. Backman discovered the great need for more psychotherapists who are trained and devoted to working with those in grief. She cofounded an ongoing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, dedicated to serving individuals and families who have experienced the death of children. In line with this work, she was asked to provide the commentary for the book I Never Held You by Ellen DuBois (DLSIJ Press, 2006).

Since 1993, Dr. Backman has guided innumerable individuals in regression hypnotherapy to access their past and between lives. In this way, she helps people to more fully recognize who we are as a soul throughout our many lifetimes and during the time we are not incarnate. Regression hypnotherapy allows the client to understand their soul mission, soul progress, soul relationships, and much more. Dr. Backman’s work today includes guiding regressions, as well as speaking, writing, spiritual mentoring, and training others in the benefits of soul regression hypnotherapy both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Backman studied and co-taught with Dr. Michael Newton, author of the seminal books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, and co-created and served on the founding board of the Society for Spiritual Regression (now the Newton Institute) as membership chair and president. In 1997, Dr. Backman and her husband, Dr. Earl Backman, established the Ravenheart Center, a Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to guiding individuals to discover their path as a soul. In addition, Dr. Backman cofounded the International Between Lives Regression Network in 2005, a network for regression therapists and for the promotion of awareness among the general public, in the US and abroad, of the benefits and purpose of regression hypnotherapy.

The Backmans have been married for fifty years and have two married children and three grandchildren.

For further information, please visit or contact Dr. Backman at

Llewellyn Publications

Woodbury, Minnesota

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My gratitude is simple yet critical. To each and every interplanetary soul client: You, and only you, have written this book. I honor your grace and your grit.



Chapter One:

Earth-Based Souls and Interplanetary Souls: The Differences

Chapter Two:

Life Purpose of Interplanetary Souls

Chapter Three:

Earth Incarnation Challenges for Interplanetary Souls

Chapter Four:

Mislabeling and Misunderstanding Interplanetary Souls

Chapter Five:

Spirit Guides, Senior Elders, and the Interplanetary Council

Chapter Six:

Soul Archetypes and Past Lives of Interplanetary Souls

Chapter Seven:

Interplanetary Soul Family Relationships

Chapter Eight:

Parenting an Interplanetary Soul

Chapter Nine:

Survival Guide for Interplanetary Souls on Earth

Chapter Ten:

Essential Action to Evolve Humanity

Appendix: Training in Soul Regression Therapy



Does intelligent life exist only on Earth? There was a time in my professional life as a psychologist and regression therapist when I gave minimal thought to whether intelligent life occurred beyond Earth. In principle, the idea of interplanetary (IP) life seemed plausible. Without a breadth of understanding of why IP souls, with their gifts and challenges, would incarnate on Earth, I was unable to consider myself sufficiently knowledgeable to teach about IPs. My first two books, Bringing Your Soul to Light and The Evolving Soul, offer a broad grasp of soul evolution, past lives, karma, dharma, life planning, and more. Souls on Earth includes an expansive understanding of how and why souls progress. At the same time, this new book narrows the focus to the idiosyncrasies and purposeful embodiment of souls on Earth who have extensive interplanetary experience.

Along with my twenty-four years of experience guiding past-life and between-lives soul regressions (and forty years as a psychologist), the past twelve to fifteen years have provided me with hundreds of clients who have journeyed to their soul’s home base and past lives outside of Earth’s spiritual realm. My comprehension of the whys and wherefores of IP souls has increased exponentially. This ever-burgeoning client data gave me the impetus to compile material that validates the Earth incarnation of IPs and explains their purposeful existence.

One cardinal rule of my work is that I never provide the soul regression content for my client. The client describes out loud the details they are receiving during the regression session. As you read the specific client discoveries in this book, keep in mind that it took me time to accept the ever-growing IP soul understanding and corroborating specifics. You may have the same experience as you read.

When an IP soul embodies on Earth, frequently there are distinct challenges that can be small or rather large mountains to climb. This is because of the unique and highly evolved way of life at the places from which IPs originate. At the same time, IP souls bring much-needed gifts and perspectives to humanity. Whether you already believe in reincarnation and extraplanetary life or are simply curious about possible intelligent IP life, this book will be highly beneficial. Learning about the characteristics, challenges, and life purposes of IP souls on Earth will assist spiritually oriented people to accept themselves and others in their lives. IP souls are highly gifted and often exceptional individuals, yet they are special and distinct.

Are You or Is Someone Close to You an IP?

Determining whether you or someone you know is an IP soul isn’t an exact science, yet there are distinct characteristics that will cause you to lean in the direction of suspecting or believing that you’ve made an accurate assessment. As you move through this book, chapter by chapter, you’ll gain a more precise sense of the indicators of an IP soul.

To make identifying an IP easier, consider the following list of signs. Please remember that none of the singular characteristics presented here automatically connotes an IP soul. When two or three of these traits are present, then you’re likely on the right path to identifying an IP.

Determine if you or someone you know

1. feels like an alien, including using this term as a descriptor.

2. has a strong interest in science fiction, astrology, astronomy, and the greater universe.

3. has been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

4. has significant skills and gifts in specific areas such as music, art, writing, science, technology, etc.

5. has an aversion to social interaction, or the opposite, by being highly socially engaging.

6. is a child whose language/communication abilities are delayed or developed slowly.

7. has health challenges such as autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, allergies, chemical sensitivities, and insomnia.

8. simply doesn’t understand the social and political complications of Earth life, such as the tendency to categorize and reject others based on skin color, religion, ethnicity, and the like.

9. strongly prefers to be around animals versus people.

As you read this book, examples of what you’ll discover include the following:

• What is the difference between souls who incarnate primarily on Earth and those who incarnate elsewhere? How can you identify an IP soul?

• Where do IP souls come from in the celestial realm, and what is unique about the home base of an IP soul?

• For what purpose do IP souls incarnate on Earth? Can IP souls assist in humanity’s evolution?

• What are the distinct characteristics of and challenges for IP souls who embody on Earth?

• What are some suggested coping skills for IP souls on Earth?

• If you are a friend, family member, or parent of an IP soul, how can you best support them?

• Are indigo, crystal, and rainbow children IP souls?

• Do IP souls have spirit guides? Karma? A soul archetype?

• Do IP souls have a soul family with members who also incarnate on Earth?

Scientists indicate that approximately 300,000 years ago, the genesis of modern humans began on Earth. Overall, the intention of life on Earth is to cooperate as an egalitarian culture. At crucial junctures in humanity’s evolution, IP souls have come in greater numbers. Earth is now at a pivotal point, with the opportunity to advance as a culture. With a high degree of evolution, IP souls are here now and must be understood, accepted, and supported. If you’re spiritually oriented toward and interested in reincarnation, soul evolution, past lives, and interplanetary existence, this provocative content has the potential to impact you and transform humanity.

Imagine a football field with grass from one end zone to the other. The astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells us that the fourteen-billion-year history of Earth, from cavemen until now, would fit on just one blade of grass. Tyson describes recent evidence suggesting that shortly after the formation of our solar system, Mars was wet, and perhaps fertile, even before Earth was. ¹ It’s conceivable that Mars seeded life on Earth, a process known as panspermia.

It would seem rather ethnocentric if humans believed that life has existed only on our planet. As I studied regression hypnotherapy in the early 1990s, particularly the works of authors whose information had come spontaneously out of the mouths of clients, I discovered a new understanding of soul existence. Multiple clients revealed a soul history that included non-Earth lives. I began to formulate a new conceptual framework of soul evolution. Little did I know that years later I would have a sizable repository of my own research of interplanetary experience gathered through direct client regression accounts. From this point forward, I will use the term IP soul to describe the reality of interplanetary life.

For a time, I resisted the clear-cut acceptance of purposeful life elsewhere in the universe because of my linear orientation and educational background as a psychologist. The following client-regression account is just one example of what led me to embrace what I now believe is the truth: there is life elsewhere.

It’s 2000 BCE. My guides tell me that I’ve asked to relive this life now. They say that I’ll learn now by discovering what they’re about to reveal in this past existence. I’ve asked to know. They say that I must hang in there. We know this current life on Earth isn’t easy, they tell me. It’s very windy in the past life. I’m standing in the desert on what look like dunes.

I’m a man with a turban on my head, and something holds the fabric on my head. I’m in a village, standing on the periphery on some street, just watching the people go by. I see children laughing and playing. They can’t see me because I live at a different vibration. I can go through walls.

I’m not from this planet. I get to visit to see if I want to incarnate here. Could I handle it, being stuck on the ground for many years? My throat feels weird because people breathe air here. Plus, I must eat solid food, which I’m not used to doing.

I come from a place called Ektron. I ask my guides to find me the holy place here. It’s a dirt floor with a small kneeler. There’s so much pain here. These people, they toil and struggle and try to make things of beauty. I feel their pain and hurt. I don’t know this emotional piece, where I’m from. How do they endure it? They are trapped.

The purpose for me, if I decide to come to live in body on Earth, is to experience emotion. Feelings of any sort are particular to Earth and the human species. I love sensing the dirt under my feet, which causes me to feel uplifted. I love that about the Earth. The dirt is cool and has a raw texture. On Earth the sun rises and goes down. Change just keeps happening.

Cathy, my client, scheduled a between-lives soul regression for numerous reasons. For one, she had dealt with alcoholism for many years, struggling to remain sober. In addition, she wanted to understand and strengthen her minimal adaptability to the various challenging relationship and work issues in her life. Cathy had left her marriage of many years only to find an unexpected new love, who then died at age sixty, following their brief yet wondrous relationship. Cathy described this new man in her life as dying because his body was tired.

The task at hand for the soul known as Cathy in life today was to experience human emotion and not become stuck or controlled by such strong feelings. She was to acutely feel the power of grief, while integrating such intensity for greater wholeness. Subsequently, Cathy began to teach others to honor their feelings without allowing pain to block their transformation. As an IP soul embodied on Earth, Cathy was to share her IP wisdom of operating primarily from logic, awareness, and intuition. By coming into an Earth body, she had the opportunity to gain a balance of thought and feeling—and move beyond being held captive by her emotions.

IP souls are unique, gifted, and evolved. IP souls incarnate on Earth for the purpose of aiding humanity’s evolution. IP souls lack familiarity with the human body and way of life. IP souls are challenged by the lifestyle of many Earthlings, which includes an unhealthy diet, flawed judgment, self-serving actions, marginalizing behaviors, and more.

Why do IP souls agree to come to Earth? IP souls bring the advanced evolution and wisdom of their celestial home to Earth. Frequently we misjudge and do not support embodied IP souls simply because we don’t understand their uniqueness. Rather than celebrate and benefit from the perspective these evolved IP souls intentionally bring into our awareness, we mislabel and sometimes even ostracize them.

Through the multitude of client regression accounts included here, you’ll discover the characteristics of IP souls. This information can help you identify and accept yourself as an IP, rather than believing that you’re inadequate or a misfit in our human culture. Second, the information presented here will help the family and friends of IP souls, and the professionals who work with them, grasp the whys and wherefores of these souls, enabling them to support and honor the wisdom these highly intelligent beings bring to us.


1. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier (New York: W. W. Nortman & Co., 2012), 259.


Earth-Based Souls

and Interplanetary Souls:

The Differences

Wonder blasts the soul—that is, the spiritual—and the skeleton, the body—the material. Wonder interprets life through the eyes of eternity while enjoying the moment, but never lets the moment’s revision exhaust the eternal.

—ravi zacharias, recapture the wonder

I wish I could fully describe what an opportunity it is to sit in the room during a soul regression session and witness the spontaneous descriptions that are my privilege and honor to hear. Still, as the therapist, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it is not my job to interpret the elements of past-life experience to the client or determine their significance, nor do I have the ability to do so.

The therapist is responsible for guiding the session, but the content is provided by a higher level of wisdom, by the client’s team of spirit guides and teachers. The information is received by and through the client, using their intuition combined with an altered state of consciousness.

Thus, the client essentially becomes their own channel or conduit for their higher self, or soul self. As such, the substance of the session is not the responsibility of the hypnotherapist. Though an altered state of consciousness is induced, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so the client is always in control of the process.

Having the ability to receive intuitively and describe the details of lives one has lived before is an awesome experience for the client. So is the gift of receiving soul-level input relative to who and what we are and are intended to be.

Many scientists believe we use the right temporal lobe of our brain to resonate with energy fields that are timeless, that we have the ability to use our human brain to access timeless, spaceless reality, which quantum physicists label as the non-local.

Still, it is difficult, if not impossible, to explain the literal and energetic mechanics involved in accessing soul memory, both in past lives and between lives. In essence, lessening the arousal or stimulation of our brain through regression hypnotherapy creates an altered state of consciousness that affords an opening to our intuitive or mystical processes.

The slower our brain wave activity, the more able we are to recognize or intuit the specifics of the past, when our soul resided in another body or in a discarnate state. In both past-life soul regression and between-lives soul regression, the process used to access these memories is a form of hypnosis. Hypnosis itself is about brain wave shift, also labeled an altered state of consciousness or a trance. The appendix describes the soul regression training program that I teach.

When I began guiding soul regression clients in 1993, I knew in theory that souls incarnated both on Earth and elsewhere. I understood that souls incarnate for the sake of individual evolution as well as humanity’s growth. During the first ten years of guiding regression clients, I worked periodically with an interplanetary-soul client. Then I began to work with numerous clients whose intuitive regression content revealed they were an interplanetary soul. Throughout this book, just as it happened for me, you will gain a clear understanding of the gifts, purpose, and liabilities of being an incarnate interplanetary soul. You’ll gain a clear sense of the distinctions between Earth-based (EB) and interplanetary (IP) souls.

Now, take note of the components of this interplanetary (IP) client’s regression.

Joanna: Supporting Younger Siblings with Calmness

My clients’ soul regression content repeatedly reveals that the Earth and the universe are evolving in real time. As each of us moves through our current life, we can advance Earth’s way of life as well as progress life in the universe. Joanna is a client who describes the untroubled existence at her IP home base. Joanna’s current life intention is to give rise to calm on Earth, as opposed to fear.

I’m inside and alone where I am now. In the larger space where I am, I’m not alone. I’m female, with long, chestnut brown hair and waterproof skin. We do not communicate through speech. We use telepathy. We can change shape for what we need to be because we visit other worlds and need to blend in with others.

I’m standing in a type of vehicle, and all around me is transparent material, like I’m in an observatory. I can see below me through what seems like lucite.

We’re a family with a male and a female child. We go to places to energetically calm and dissipate strong negative emotions. We do this in crowds that are too volatile and emotional. We send out energy.

Right now we’re on an Earth-like planet. Then there’s somebody who can see us, our true selves. He tries to change us because he’s angry. He wanted to be one of us. He must grow more as a soul before he can embrace the intention to calm others. We are at peace, and he is tormented. So we leave and go home, where we feel free.

We are not sad because we know that home is untroubled. We went to the other celestial location and attempted to create tranquility, but this didn’t work. I keep being told that the Earth is too volatile and needs to calm down.

Now it’s wonderful to be at home and see our friends and family. Home is serene, with vivid, rich colors. There’s peace here with no effort, no competition. We see the good in everyone. There’s no jealousy; everyone is equal. All of us do what we’re good at.

The one who tried to harm us, he’s one of us from my home base. He wanted inequality. He wanted to be more than the others. He’s like a throwback to an earlier time of evolution when even my home base didn’t treat everyone equally.

I’m from a reality that is not physical with density. Right now, there are many on Earth from my home base. We are all here to hold Earth together. The energies are spiking, but not in a good way. People are afraid; we need to calm them down. Fear is winning. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

Now I’m with my soul mate at my home reality. He feels like home because together we are truly whole. We are purposeful and even more powerful when we’re together because of the love we feel. He does not go to Earth since it hurts him too much. I can handle it better. He sends a little piece of himself with me to Earth. This is a tiny piece so that we have a cord that connects us. I’ve been protecting that piece of him inside of me. I use it as an excuse rather than shining. He’s like my baby. I protect him in some ways, but he’s also one of my guides. I call him Zeke

In my life on Earth, when I was little I just hurt so much. As a soul, I had agreed to be a support for my younger brothers and sisters. In my life now, I’m supposed to calm people with my energy. I ask, how can I do that when I’m not calm? I simply need to send positive, joyful energy that will calm everybody.

My busy brain and the literal heaviness of my body often create a block to sending out useful energy. I do have a healthy sense of being a responsible person. Zeke is holding my face and recharging me.

My core soul color is mostly white, with fiery gold on the edges—sort of like veins of gold. Zeke is just holding me now. He tells me to put one foot in front of the other. I am to open my heart and find joy. I am to use my hands and not be afraid to touch people who agree to receive the energy and the healing. Also, I am to go deeper on my own and use the pulsing energy of my hands to send out white light that is healing for the planet. Zeke tells me that I’m not carrying

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