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Elusive Quarry: New Persia Series, #3

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Elusive Quarry: New Persia Series, #3

Lunghezza: 517 pagine8 ore


In this third volume of the New Persia series, the captured ayatollah is held for trial and found guilty. One of his terrorist ship's crew, held captive by the U.S. federal authorities in Alaska, is rescued in a daring raid and the ayatollah, enroute to a super-max prison in Colorado, is also rescued by New Persia Commandos in an exciting and remarkable bit of action. Retired Navy SEAL and diver, Ryan McKenzie, who captured the ayatollah in his Socotra Island compound for the U.S., is attacked in his home by New Persia men in an act of revenge. Since the untenable New Persia demands are not being met, a series of attacks by New Persia on the U.S. oil industry occurs. To force the president to attend a meeting, the president's secretary and his activity scheduler, Ryan's lover Jackie Conover, are kidnapped and held under threat. A meeting is held, under coercion, between the ayatollah and the president and, after the failure of the meeting intent, an attempt is made to shoot down the president's aircraft. A very angry McKenzie, wanting to go after the ayatollah and his organization, presents a plan of action but is rejected by the president. The mystery deepens as he learns that no one knows where the ayatollah is. Out of self-defense, Ryan decides to personally take on the New Persia group. While Ryan and his friends are preparing to find and eliminate the ayatollah and his henchmen in the Indian Ocean, the president decides to go after these criminals in a big way. A small invasion of the ayatollah's compound by U.S. Navy SEALs, with Ryan's help, destroys the New Persia facilities and a primary ayatollah staffer is killed. In an exciting climax, the ayatollah and his primary assistant, Ramiz, make an underwater run for it from an American submarine. But do the Americans get the ayatollah and Ramiz??

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