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The Traders’ Blueprint: Winning Strategies for Profiting from Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Options

The Traders’ Blueprint: Winning Strategies for Profiting from Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Options

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The Traders’ Blueprint: Winning Strategies for Profiting from Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Options

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Jun 25, 2018


In The Traders’ Blueprint, you’ll find winning strategies to profit from stocks, options, and Forex trading. Following Collin Seow's best-selling trading book The Systematic Trader, this book expands on his strategies along with three other proven top traders that he personally knows and endorses.


There are many different types of asset classes to trade, and The Traders’ Blueprintoffers creative strategies for trading stocks, options, and Forex. It's an exciting time to trade the markets and generate returns on your money that will pay you over and over again.


This book will show you, no holds barred, how skilled traders create the alpha to build consistent wealth.


In The Traders’ Blueprint, you will learn:

- How to trade options safely and generate a consistent income

- A trading methodology that has been profitable over the last 200 years, and that is used by hedge funds and market wizards

- How to profit on your trades even if they go against you

- A little-known trading technique which minimises your losses and maximises your profits (that most traders never find out)

- How to quickly find the best stocks to trade instead of looking for the next “hot tip”

- A simple technique that lets you ride massive trends in the market and grow your wealth steadily over time

- Proprietary trading setups that you can use to profit in the stock, options, and Forex markets


Make sure to check out this blueprint, and augment your trading arsenal with these powerful strategies.


Jun 25, 2018

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The Traders’ Blueprint - Collin Seow

First published March 2018

Copyright 2018 © Collin Seow, Marc Liu, Rayner Teo, Alex Yeo

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher, except for inclusion of brief quotations in a review.

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Winning Strategies for Profiting from Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Options

Author: Collin Seow, Marc Liu, Rayner Teo, Alex Yeo

Publisher: Phoon Kok Hwa

Editor: Tansey Tang

Layout: Geelyn Lim

Cover design: Ryanne Ng

Published by: Candid Creation Publishing LLP

167 Jalan Bukit Merah

#05-12 Connection One Tower 4

Singapore 150167




ISBN: 978-981-11-6467-5

National Library Board, Singapore Cataloguing in Publication Data

Names: Seow, Collin. | Liu, Marc, author. | Teo, Rayner, author. | Yeo, Alex Zi Ping, author.

Title: The traders’ blueprint : winning strategies for profiting from stocks, forex, commodities and options / Collin Seow, Marc Liu, Rayner Teo, Alex Yeo Zi Ping.

Description: Singapore : Candid Creation Publishing LLP, [2018]

Identifiers: OCN 1022914500 | 978-981-11-6467-5 (paperback)

Subjects: LCSH: Stocks. | Options (Finance). | Investments.

Classification: DDC 332.6322--dc23




Systematic Trading Concepts: A Clear and Objective Method to Profitable Stock Trading

1. The Greatest Enemy in Trading

2. Fundamental and Technical Analysis

3. Systematic Trading

4. Golden Truths of Trading


The Stock Trading Success Formula: Dominating Tactics and Consistent Setup Patterns

1. Why Fundamentals Matter

2. Technical Analysis

3. The Meat and Potatoes

4. Extra Pointers and Cautions

5. Conclusion


Forex and Futures Trading: How To Profit in Bull and Bear Markets

1. Who Am I?

2. Support and Resistance

3. Understanding Market Structure

4. Entry Triggers

5. How to Develop Your Own Trading Strategy

6. Closing Notes


Selling Options: How To Trade Options Effectively And Generate A Consistent Income

1. How Do You Make Money by Trading Options?

2. Options Explained

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Options

4. Ichimoku Cloud Indicator

5. Pivot Points Indicator

6. Strategies and Rules

7. Analysing the Market

8. Controlling Risk When Trading Options

9. Conclusion

About the Authors


Wow, we’ve finally done it.

It was not an easy task for me personally to produce another book due to my monthly training commitments for The Systematic Trader Course (SMT). But as a team effort, we’ve finally published The Traders’ Blueprint.

Nowadays, retail investors and traders are truly bombarded with tons of information about different trading assets and instruments and the best way to go about trading them.

Many books are full of theories but have no real trading insight.

This book is the real deal for people who want to possess a clear blueprint in trading.

After the success of my first book, The Systematic Trader, I’ve received countless private messages on Facebook and email, thanking me for sharing my heart not just on trading and investing, but also on life itself. Motivated by the impact my first book made, I then decided to gather my close friends, who are trading authorities in their own right, to write a book together.

First, we have the low profile Marc, who is one of the smartest people I know. He has a unique way of looking at the market, which I didn’t agree with at first. However, he has proved me wrong by helping numerous people in my community become consistently profitable traders and raving fans. He conducts his signature class once to twice a year just for passion’s sake, but only to a select group of people. Marc has laid out an effective stock trading strategy in this book for you.

Next, we have Rayner from I first met Rayner whilst I was giving a talk to his university’s Investment Club. He has since come a long way, and I follow him regularly in the TradingwithRayner Facebook group, which has close to 20,000 members. He is always focused on adding immense value to his members through regular postings. You will learn much about his trend trading strategies.

Lastly, we have Alex who trades options. Although he is the co-founder of the famous Dr Wealth (formerly known as BigFatPurse), which teaches fundamental analysis, he also trades options in real life. He has managed to achieve consistent yearly returns using the strategy he is about to share.

Beginner to expert traders should be able to glean something from The Traders’ Blueprint. After reading this book, you will start to question some of your notions about the market, and at the same time learn comprehensive trading principles and methods, that will likely stand the test of time.

In closing, I just want to thank you. Thank you for reading this book. I hope that this book becomes a resource towards your own prosperity, not just in the financial markets, but life in general.

Read it and then practise what you’ve read. Then read it again.

I look forward to meeting you someday and personally shaking your hand.

Collin Seow



Systematic Trading Concepts

A Clear and Objective Method to Profitable Stock Trading



When I wrote my first book The Systematic Trader, pictured in Figure 1.1, I told myself not to be someone who churned out book after book. However, since the book was published, the response has been overwhelming. People from Japan, Europe, Australia, and even South America have sent me private messages on Facebook or emails thanking me for inspiring them. They said that I have given them a tool that helped them understand the markets and trading, and more importantly, understand life.

Figure 1.1 The Systematic Trader


One of the challenges that many people face is following a trade plan, which is why I decided to invest in and work with a company called AlgoMerchant, a financial technology start up that provides a platform for retail investors.

Let me ask you a question. When the man on the street wants to invest his money and doesn’t have the time to do it, where does he usually go? The answer: The banks or insurance companies.

When you go to the bank, the relationship manager or private banker will serve you. After the relationship manager serves you, your money is then processed by the back office, and finally the fund manager will make the money work for you. On top of this, because the money is held in trust, it is also overseen by the compliance officers.

The returns that are generated by the fund managers need to feed the relationship manager, back office staff, and also the compliance officers. So even if the fund manager is really good and making returns, your profits will be reduced because of the expenses.

AlgoMerchant (AM) seeks to change this. You see, it is possible for anyone to be a good trader or investor. You need not be a chartered financial analyst (CFA) or work for the bank. At the end of the day, it is the results or track record that counts. With AM, you can link up your trading account with AM, and from there, AM can track the real time performance of your portfolio. Once a track record is established, you can choose to publicise your portfolio. For me, I have more than 10 years of backtested results and live results to show my returns.


I started trading more than 20 years ago. Since I was in school, I have been interested in trading. My dad was 40 when he had me, so when I graduated from the army, I wanted to make money quickly to repay them.

Though I majored in engineering, I did not want to become an engineer. Through a speed-reading course that cost me a lot of money then, I came to know a financial advisor manager. He shared with me what I could do to become successful. I became a financial advisor instead.

In the first five years of my career as a financial advisor, I did very well; in fact, I was one of the youngest members of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) at the age of 22. After being relatively successful as a financial adviser for five years, I wanted a slower pace in life, and I started trading more seriously. I slowly changed my trading method from fundamental to technical. A few years later, I went on to become a full-time trader, which lasted for two to three years.

During that period, I also sat for two examinations to get licensed as a remisier. The second paper was the toughest. Failing that examination twice would bar one from becoming a remisier. I failed the first time, but fortunately, on my second attempt, I passed.

I did not become a remisier immediately after I passed the examination. Instead, I waited for almost another three years. Before my examination qualification expired, I had to decide whether I wanted to become a remisier. I decided to go ahead and become a remisier, and trade using my account.

Originally, my intention was to trade and not to serve clients. The total clientele I had numbered less than 20. I was basically my biggest client during that time. Then, I had a big client in the first six months.

He was also trading quite a bit, and initially he was profitable.

However, he started to lose money after six months, and instead of slowing down and reviewing his trades, he actually traded more to make back his losses. As his remisier, I could see that he was trading more and

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