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Endrody Anthologies: Major Parker - Mildred Hamming

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Endrody Anthologies: Major Parker - Mildred Hamming

Lunghezza: 161 pagine2 ore


Sergeant Dave Parker and his sergeant major, John Dexter, are two wounded Civil War soldiers who've been discharged from the army due to the severity of their wounds they sustained on the battlefield. The two travel together by horseback to their home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Along the way, they have many run-ins with blood-thirsty bandits looking to steal their horses and anything else they have of value. Read how the two persevere to rebuild their lives despite their limited abilities during a war-torn era where many able-bodied men didn't survive.

Mildred Hamming lost her husband, Major John Hamming, during the Civil War. She and her sister had inherited their parent's farm when they passed away, and the two of them were struggling to keep the farm from being sold at the tax sales. Before Mildred's husband had been killed, he sent two of his wounded officers to help out the women run the farm since neither of them had any place to go after being discharged. Learn of the struggles and hardships that eventually helped transform the struggling family farm into a safe haven for other wounded veterans, orphans, and widows.
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