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Barbecue Basics: Barbecue Regions, Meat Primal Cuts, and Wood Profiles

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Barbecue Basics: Barbecue Regions, Meat Primal Cuts, and Wood Profiles

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Barbecue Basics: Barbecue Regions, Meat Primal Cuts, and Wood Profiles.
Everything you really need to know about beef and pork primal cuts, barbecue wood, U.S. barbecue regional highlights, and some really great recipes, too. Barbecue Basics is a bbq guide and cookbook detailing what is important in barbecue: the meat, the wood, and the regional sauce recipes that you can recreate at home.
The Basics
First of all, you’ll understand the difference between barbecue, grilling, and smoking, as well as the reason why low and slow cooking is so important in barbecue. You’ll know the difference between a barbecue sauce and a mop sauce, and what goes into a basic rub. You’ll also have an appreciation for bark and burnt ends (hint: they are all good things to eat). There’s food cooking charts for direct and indirect heat, and a quick reference meat cut glossary for over 80 different meat term and cut names.
The Meats
Barbecue Basics explains each primal cut for beef and pork, what beef quality grades are, and visually shows why marbling is so important in grading. A primal cut is the large section of meat from which the butcher creates all the steaks and roasts from. The IMPS numbers are listed for each one. Is it necessary to memorize each one? No, but identifying and understanding where a piece of meat comes from helps anyone properly cook a piece of meat (is it tender? is it tough? indirect or direct heat?).
The Wood
Barbecue wood provides both heat and smoke. And different wood gives different flavors to whatever it being barbecued. This guide shows what each of the major barbecue cooking woods look like, what types of foods go well with them, and which wood you should avoid at all time when it comes to cooking.
The Regions
This cookbook highlights 10 different barbecue regions across the U.S., and talks about what is important in each. You’ll get a bit of knowledge from these famous barbecue regions: North Carolina (Eastern and Lexington Piedmont-Style); South Carolina (Northwest Corner, Central, Pee Dee Region, Coastal); Kentucky (Monroe County Style); Memphis; Alabama; Kansas City; St. Louis; Oklahoma; Texas (West, Central, East, South); and Santa Maria, CA.
The Recipes
Barbecue Basics gives tested recipes for 11 regional and classic sauces everyone needs to have in their recipe file, 9 flavorful rubs for all meats and poultry, and 6 great marinades that will change any plain flank steak, pork loin, or chicken thigh into a meal worthy for barbecue royalty.
Barbecue Basics is heavy on barbecue knowledge with some really great recipes added for measure. It really is everything you need to know about beef and pork primal cuts, barbecue wood, classic U.S. barbecue regions, and some great recipes that you can make for your family and friends, too.
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