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TBC30: 6 Steps to a Stronger, Healthier You

TBC30: 6 Steps to a Stronger, Healthier You

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TBC30: 6 Steps to a Stronger, Healthier You

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Jun 18, 2018


Certified strength and conditioning specialist Michael Wood offers readers an inside look at how he trains his private clients using a unique step-by-step approach that follows the same nutrition and exercise strategies that have made him a nationally recognized expert in the field.

The TBC30 plan gives readers a game plan while teaching the same science-based approach that has worked for Michael and his clients for more than 30-years. His 6 step plan will help change your mindset and eventually your behavior. The TBC30 plan includes a high-qulaity exercise regime with nine nutritional strategies which are woven together with the use of today's technology. Empower yourself to reach your health and fitness goals with Michael's invaluable TBC30 plan.

Jun 18, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Michael Wood is an internationally acclaimed historian, film-maker and broadcaster, and the author of several bestselling books, including three Sunday Times number one bestsellers. He has made well over a hundred documentary films, hailed as some of ‘the most innovative history programmes ever on TV’ by the Independent. These include In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great and The Story of China. Michael is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, the Royal Historical Society and the Society of Antiquaries. 

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TBC30 - Michael Wood



Mindset & Assessment

Eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise. For food and exercise work together to produce health. ~ Hippocrates

Have you really benefited with the choices you’ve made when it comes to your diet and exercise? A significant number of people in this country, and worldwide for that matter, who have impaired health and fitness, have certainly not benefited. This is due in large part from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, coupled with poor nutritional choices (WHO, 2014, and Health Intelligence, 2015). About one-third of adults in the U.S. are physically inactive (Rabin, 2011). The average American spends more than 9 hours a day sitting. Research shows that people who sit the most have a 112 percent increase in the Relative Risk (RR) of getting diabetes and a 147 percent increase in the RR of cardiovascular events compared to people who sit less. Sitting has become the new smoking. It has been shown that sitting for a large part of the day causes similar mortality rates to smoking (Wilmot, 2012). This just adds fuel to the fire adding to the growing list of reasons why more than one-third of U.S. adults are currently obese (35.1 percent or 78.6 million) and 33.9 percent are overweight (JAMA, 2012). When you look at the groups collectively, approximately 70 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. It’s time for a change in mindset, ideally one leading to a different approach, if you’re serious about improving the most precious of all commodities: your health and well being.

Let’s be honest, we know this can be a very challenging task since most people don’t even like to exercise. More than 30 percent of people will not work out at all this year and only 5 percent will exercise at a level that is considered vigorous.

There were about 81.6 million Americans who were completely inactive in 2015. In addition to factors like genetics, emotional instability, and sleeplessness, lack of physical activity is one of the leading causes of obesity. This is one of the reasons why one of the TBC30 goals is to carve out just 20 to 30-minutes most days of the week. That’s it! You can find half-an-hour on most days of the week, for the next four weeks, and make a commitment to yourself and your family, right?

Given what we know about the health benefits of physical activity, it should be mandatory to get a doctor’s permission not to exercise. ~ Per-Olof Astrand, MD, PhD, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Many government agencies recommend that individuals follow a customized exercise and nutrition plan tailored to their needs and goals to ensure optimal results. It sounds pretty basic but it rarely happens. If you don’t set goals, follow a plan, and assess to see if you’re improving, the odds are pretty low that you’ll continue that journey.

If you’re new to exercise or it’s been a while since you have exercised on a regular basis then you need to begin slowly. Keep the exercise volume (amount of work) at a low training threshold during the first few weeks of training. The goal and focus during this time period is to develop efficient movement patterns, increase your fitness level and then build work capacity. You will focus on subsequent strength development once those goals are met.

After a specific time period the focus will transition to increasing the volume of training. This is dependent on the needs, goals and chronological training age of the person. Any increase in volume or the amount of work (repetitions/sets/load), once again, should not take place until the person has mastered movement competency with each exercise in their current training program.

Movement competency is described as the ability to move free of dysfunction or pain.

The Total Body Conditioning plan (TBC30) is a 30-day diet and exercise plan, based on science, that requires about 30 minutes a day. The TBC30 plan is validated by results. Meaning, hundreds of people before you have tried the plan and as a result have changed the way they look and feel.

One of the goals of the plan is to change mindset and eventually behavior. A key component in regard to changing behavior is moving from unconscious, automatic reactions to conscious, deliberate decisions.

The program offers a game plan with specific daily and weekly steps that need to be followed in order for this to be triggered and effectively take hold. In addition to moving through the six steps of TBC30, there are also nine diet strategies that need to be followed to improve your chances of success. Making the commitment to exercise regularly and focus on the specific TBC30 diet strategies are important initial steps. The basic concept is to use the plan as a template to bolster commitment and hopefully ingrain the habits into your brain.

Each step offers a specific game plan to follow over the course of your 30-day plan. Each game plan needs to be incorporated into your lifestyle in order to be successful. The cornerstone of the TBC30 plan is based on the following six principles:

Change your mindset

Perform a needs assessment

Move more

Get stronger

Get leaner

Get more sleep 

A by-product of completing your 30-day TBC plan will be an increase in energy level, coupled with improvements in overall health and fitness. You will also find yourself eating more nutritious meals, making better food choices and eating less added sugar.

If this is not the right time for you to begin the program – then hold off – and come back when you can commit the time and energy that are needed for you to

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