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Marigold's End, a Phineas Caswell Adventure

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Marigold's End, a Phineas Caswell Adventure

Lunghezza: 293 pagine4 ore


The good ship Kathryn B has weathered many a storm, but this one could be her last. Chased by pirates into the very teeth of a hurricane, her valiant crew fights against the dread pirate ship Marigold.

All except cabin boy Phineas Caswell, who has somehow managed to get himself trapped on the wrong side of the battle. Instead of helping rescue his own ship, he's actually aboard the Marigold, his hands resting on a secret that will rewrite the map of Europe for centuries to come. With bluster, courage, and a good deal of cheek, he knows what must be done.

A sailor's life is never an easy one - particular that of twelve-year-old Phineas, as he learns the ways of the sea in the pirate-infested Caribbean Sea. Beyond his deep-rooted fear of the ocean, the cabin boy, forced to sea against his will, finds his new life filled with trials and troubles.

But Phineas has spunk, a quick wit, and more than a little cheek to dish out to those that would dare cause him grief. From daffy Uncle Neville to the vicious pirate Red Suarez, Phineas lets them all feel the wrath of the Caswell temper.

Sail aboard the Kathryn B into an adventure filled with sea battles and sword fights, harrowing escapes and a stunning ending, and learn with Phineas what it means to be shipmate.

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