Piercing the Veil - Explorations of Reality and Consciousness

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Piercing the Veil - Explorations of Reality and Consciousness

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We live in an exciting time. Technology and the internet are allowing information to be shared and accessed in absolutely unprecedented ways, enabling a revolution of both thought and experience within the human condition. As a result, increasing numbers are becoming unwilling to accept the worldviews put forth by religion, government, even the mainstream media, and are searching for ways of understanding the world based on hard data and direct experience. Piercing the Veil takes a fresh and objective approach to exploring the fundamental questions of reality, primarily through candid examinations of both cutting edge science and altered states of consciousness. 

The first of the book's three sections examines the most notable psychedelics, expounding upon their experiential properties, cultural impacts, and potential for both positive and negative use. Next comes an in-depth yet highly approachable look at more unassisted methods of consciousness exploration, including such modalities as meditation, channeling, energy work, out-of-body experiences, and lucid dreaming. Finally, we shift simultaneously to more scientific and philosophic motifs, delving into quantum physics, the nature of consciousness, the universe/multiverse, and the death experience.

Piercing the Veil paints a vivid and compelling picture showing that the limited spectrum of consciousness we're usually aware of is part of a continuum of energy and life extending well beyond the physical world. In fact, consciousness itself appears to be the bedrock from which our reality blossoms. Piercing the Veil provides the requisite framework for confirming this invaluable knowledge firsthand. The rest is up to you.

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