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Mexican Slow Cooker Cookbook: Mouthwatering Dishes That Brings the Real Mexican Flavor to Your Table

Mexican Slow Cooker Cookbook: Mouthwatering Dishes That Brings the Real Mexican Flavor to Your Table

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Mexican Slow Cooker Cookbook: Mouthwatering Dishes That Brings the Real Mexican Flavor to Your Table

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May 18, 2018


Who wouldn’t want to gain much with minimal effort?  This slow cooker cookbook brings to your table easy homemade meals with the quality taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. 
It has a wide range of recipes to suit your taste/ meet your need for variety from Enchiladas to Fajitas, quesadillas to salsas and much more.

This Mexican slow cooker cookbook shows you how to use your slow cooker effectively.
It gives information on all the ingredients that give you the Mexican flavor you crave for.
You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen anymore preparing for dinner. Whatever meal you want your slow cooker can have it ready waiting for you at the end of a busy day.

May 18, 2018

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Mexican Slow Cooker Cookbook - Barbara Bush



Mexican slow cooking recipes are food plan that will certainly make your life easier. One of the main attractions for many is the ease of a slow cooker to make meal ready when you want it. For dishes like soups and stew, all you need to do is throw in all the ingredients, close the cooker and set the timer. If you are craving for flavorful dishes, this book provides a list of a variety of healthy recipes that you can use for your slow cooker. They will soon become your family favorites. From enchiladas and fajitas to tacos and burritos, mole and barbecue to sauces and hearty chicken ranch casserole.

Mexican Slow cooking recipes are easy to prepare.  They enable you to prepare healthy meals for your family conveniently and still have enough time for other daily activities. There is no need to open the cooker at different stages and stir. When you are done the cooking, you have only little cleanup to make.

The slow cooker is ideal for people who live on fast lane but slow down enough to avoid eating unhealthy fast foods with additives. Slow cooker recipes allow you to plan your meal ahead and get it when you need it. So you can decide to prepare the meal by yourself and enjoy a delicious and healthy, homemade meal with quality ingredients that you control.


Though slow cooker may not serve well every type of cooking task, it does have many impressive benefits.

1. A slow cooker is a major time saver of all times. You are not tethered to the pot, and the cooking can be left unattended until it is ready. This allows you to utilize the time in between to do other important tasks.

2. It makes flavorful meals. The lengthy cooking hours allow better distribution of flavors in many recipes to give you delicious meals.  Flavor is also a good reason to use a slow cooker so that you enjoy the irresistible flavors of hearty soups, stews, and other dishes at the end of a cooking session.

3. A slow cooker is a money saver. It cooks food at low temperature using less energy which in turn reduces the cost of utility. Comparatively, the slow cooker uses less energy than other cooking methods.

4. There is no need to scrub the bottom of the pot when washing. Due to the lower temperature of the long slow cooking, it averts scorching of foods that tend to stick to the bottom of a pot. A slow cooker is designed to cook food gently and also retain heat and moisture inside.

5. The slow cooker is an excellent choice for cooking many venison dishes. Tough meats are tenderized through the long cooking process.

6. It frees up other appliance like stove top for other uses. It is a good choice for a company of guests. You can use it to serve buffet meals.

7. It is made portable to serve any location of choice, for example, your home, office and even some events.

8. Importantly slow cooker cooking is a cooking method that offers the most convenience. It is perfect for a very busy person. It does not need your attention until you come back home to enjoy your ready home-made food.

9. The slow cooker is a remarkably versatile kitchen tool. This is another great reason to slow cook. You can use it to make soups, stews, appetizers, desserts and also bake, steam and cook rice.


How do you get that authentic Mexican flavor in your meal? It is by adding the traditional authentic Mexican ingredients to your cooking to give you the quality taste of Mexican dishes. Below are a few basic ingredients common in Mexican cuisine.

Avocadoes: This is a popular ingredient in Mexico which adds Mexican flair to most meals including sandwiches and salsas to name a couple.

Chile: This is a great tasty pepper that is good for any meal. There are over 100 varieties indigenous to Mexico. They range from mild to hot pepper.  Anchor is the sweetest dried pepper.

Annatto: This is a red seed that adds color and mild flavor to your cooking

Mole powder: This is usually a homemade concentrate that you can add to your chicken for a dinner. It is usually made of a blend of onions, garlic, chilies and even some Mexican chocolate. It may come in powder or paste.

Bean:  Whether black beans or pinto beans they are go-to staples in Mexican cuisine. They can be mashed and refried after soaking them for some time in a spicy mixture.

Cheeses: These are also popular ingredients which appear in many Mexican meals like enchiladas, quesadillas, and salsas. Depending on your personal preference, there are many types in the market

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