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12 Steps to Become An Authentic Writer

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12 Steps to Become An Authentic Writer

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Are you a fearful writer? Do you get to your desk and tense up? Do you check email, answer the phone, or do other superfluous tasks when you get to work? If you answered any of these questions in the affirmative, you probably don’t feel comfortable writing. One of the reasons that most writers don’t feel comfortable writing is because they are not authentic writers.

Most writers are very complicated and insecure. They are fearful, and they don’t want to try new things. In addition, when they come to their writing time, they simply cannot get to work and do what they set out to do. In other words, for some writers, fear paralyzes planning their writing and effectively completing them. Others simply freeze when they get to their writing time. They prefer to do anything else but write. This negative attitude can lead to a lot of stifled creativity and the writer will have very little to show for at the end of the day.

An authentic writer, on the other hand, looks forward to her writing time. She is usually happy to have this time when she can be productive in the sacredness of her own office space doing something special. In other words, an authentic writer is confident that she will be able to tackle whatever is in front of her on the desk. The authentic writer plans what she will work on at least a week ahead of time, and then when the time comes to write, she will do nothing else but sit down and write.

Authentic writers are a different kind of writer from the inauthentic. It’s not that authentic writers never have negative thoughts while they write. However, the authentic writer is able to dismiss these thoughts. Most of a writer’s negative thoughts are mood related anyways. Therefore, if we are in a good mood, our inner thoughts are positive, whereas if we had a hard day, our mood and inner thoughts will be negative and let’s face it, we all have bad days from time to time.

However, we should not allow moods to affect our overall writing productivity. Authentic writers can step back from these negative moods and just relax and enjoy their writing. This can help writers feel happier, more content, and much more productive.

In this e-book, I will outline 12 steps to become an authentic writer. By incorporating these steps into your writing life, you can become an increasingly authentic writer.

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