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The Shadow Place

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The Shadow Place

Lunghezza: 339 pagine5 ore


When half-German, half-Iranian Jewish brothers Rahim and Kamal travel from Tehran to Berlin for school in 1936, they are quickly drawn into the deteriorating climate. As Iranians - true Aryans - with blonde hair, they successfully hide their Jewish identity. Those around them are not so fortunate. Rahim escapes a Nazi raid, but leaves behind his best friend, Mishael, prompting feelings of guilt that torment him. When Rahim's girlfriend, Elisabeth, is taken by the Nazis in a disastrous synagogue raid, the last remnant of Berlin's resistance calls on them to infiltrate the SS.

Rahim and Kamal soon find themselves on the other side of the fence at Auschwitz, as guards. They track down Elisabeth and her sister, prompting plans of an elaborate rescue. Mishael, who is also at Auschwitz as a dreaded kapo, blames Rahim for his capture and the murder of his family. Mishael blackmails the brothers by planting evidence of their Jewish identity, which is found by other SS guards. However, in order for Elisabeth's rescue to be successful, they must enlist Mishael's help. Mishael may turn them all in, but it is Elisabeth's only chance for survival.

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