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Nuggets for Living: Volume 1

Nuggets for Living: Volume 1

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Nuggets for Living: Volume 1

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Apr 11, 2018



We have written this book through the Lord’s guidance for help for his people at this critical period of our faith here on earth as we wait for his appearing.
The book touched on several Christian lives and duties. We trust that every reader and believer will benefit from this humble work delivered to us by his spirit.
May the Lord bless and give increased wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the reader.


This book is written by one of the little ones of the Lord , who has been given grace at this hour to speak boldly concerning the things of the kingdom.
Brother Felix has been given help by the Lord to host a monthly Word teaching meeting themed “Breaking Bread” where the Holy Spirit teaches and expounds the Word to make all men see the fellowship of the mystery of the kingdom of God.
He is married to the wife of his youth and fellow helper, Sister Victoria . They are blessed with lovely children.

Apr 11, 2018

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Nuggets for Living - Amieyeofori V. Felix

An exhortation for a Successful Christian Life



Amieyeofori V. Felix

© 2015 by Amieyeofori V. Felix

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic, photocopying or otherwise without prior permission of the Author . But we will be glad to readily give permission to any of the Lord’s people, anywhere in the world, who may be burdened to reprint, reproduce and mass produce this material with our permission.

ISBN: 978-978-951-482-3

Published Online by

The BookPreneur TM



All Trade orders and bulk request should be made to:

Breaking Bread Word Ministry

# 18b, Mainland Way, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: 08135154265. 07041109806


This work is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ who has laid down his life for us to become the sons of God, and also to the Church of the Living God, which is purchased with his blood, and preparing earnestly for this second coming for the saints.


I want to sincerely acknowledge the support of the Brethren in Breaking Bread Word Teaching Meeting for their encouragement in the work of the gospel, and the Brethren in the Churches of Christ in Lagos and Nigeria that are always seeking the face of the Lord for us in the work of the gospel.

I am also grateful to the support of my wife and help-meet, Sister Victoria Felix for her untiring encouragement and support both at the family front and in the field of the ministry work.

Thank you.


Nugget 1.Look up1

Nugget 2.Four areas to work on for greater success.3

Nugget 3.Moving to the next level.5

Nugget 4.Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.8

Nugget 5.What is Christianity and who is a Christian?10

Nugget 6.A Christian, the restored man12

Nugget 7.God created us in his likeness from the best

of his imagination.13

Nugget 8.Created according to God’s plan.16

Nugget 9.Our Position is not from Man.18

Nugget 10.If God be for us, who can be against us?19

Nugget 11.Knowing what belongs to us.20

Nugget 12.Standing on our divine position.22

Nugget 13.You are the head and not the tail.25

Nugget 14.You are a solution and not a problem.27

Nugget 15.God needs us more29

Nugget 16.All things were made by the word.31

Nugget 17.Blessed before the foundation of the world.34

Nugget 18.The chosen generation36

Nugget 19.Who is on the Lord's side?38

Nugget 20.Three types of mankind40

Nugget 21.Making a bus stop for Jesus43

Nugget 22.Lord Jesus Christ which is our hope45

Nugget 23.The first and the last Adam46

Nugget 24.Free gift through Jesus Christ48

Nugget 25.Jesus, he suffered and died for you.50

Nugget 26.Deliverance through his suffering and death.53

Nugget 27.For the joy that was set before him, he endured the cross.55

Nugget 28.Sin and Motions of Sin.57

Nugget 29.That sin might become exceedingly sinful.59

Nugget 30.Escape Route from Sin60

Nugget 31.Born of Water and Spirit – 162

Nugget 32.Born of Water and Spirit – 266

Nugget 33.Redemption from the curse69

Nugget 34.God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.72

Nugget 35.

Godliness is profitable in all things 74

Nugget 36.Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter.75

Nugget 37.God be merciful unto us.78

Nugget 38.The meaning and demonstration of love.81

Nugget 39.Living and walking in the spirit.84

Nugget 40.Until Christ be formed in you.86

Nugget 41.The laws of my members.89

Nugget 42.Not having mine own righteousness.91

Nugget 43.I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision.93

Nugget 44.What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.96

Nugget 45.Pressing forward for higher glory.98

Nugget 46.The woman that bare and nursed you.100

Nugget 47.From man to beast and back to man.103

Nugget 48.The mark of the beast.106

Nugget 49.There are two major manifestations of God that are so comforting.109

Nugget 50.The devil is at it again.110

Nugget 51.A time of war.112

Nugget 52.The weapons of our warfare.114

Nugget 53.The power of agreement.117

Nugget 54.They shall gather in vain.120

Nugget 55.I appeal unto Caesar.122

Nugget 56.Spiritual prayer.125

Nugget 57.The principle of praying three times.128

Nugget 58.Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.131

Nugget 59.With God, nothing shall be impossible.133

Nugget 60.The account of the dry bones in a valley.135

Nugget 61.Healing the impotent.137

Nugget 62.How to come to God and receive his response to our prayers?140

Nugget 63.Pray that you are rich in all things.143

Nugget 64.He abideth faithful, he cannot deny himself.145

Nugget 65.Deliverance from our past experiences.147

Nugget 66.Nullifying, making non effect and upholding.149

Nugget 67.Bless me also, O my father.151

Nugget 68.Your life, or your money?152

Nugget 69.No rich man should go to hell.154

Nugget 70.The equation of glory.156

Nugget 71.Shew me a token.158

Nugget 72.Love, Hate and Dislike.159

Nugget 73.All seek their own.161

Nugget 74.Ember months.164


he time we are now are perilous times as the scripture had forewarned would be in the later days. Our generation is

witnessing these great changes in the world which has direct consequences on the faith that we believe and practice.

This is the reason for this book, to exhort one another in the evil days as we wait for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

We are trusting the Lord that as we were blessed and are being blessed everyday through this book, everyone that reads it will be blessed also.

Our desire as fellow helpers of the faith is to encourage one another at this time so that none of us miss the roll call in heaven. May the Lord that granted the light and understanding and wisdom for this work grant us the grace to follow through to the end.



Dear beloved, Greeting to you all in Jesus name. Amen. I want to exhort us and encourage us at this time. Many signs of the end are here with us and many of us are not aware of it.

The world is ready; the people of the earth and their kings and presidents and leaders are moving very quickly towards the great war of the end. There is so much violence and insecurity and fear and men hearts are trembling for fear and fainting for what will come next, yet the sons of men are not worried that all these were spoken of by the Lord. The end is here.

Just look around you; nations against nation, brother against brother, family against family and the love of many has waxed cold because of the abundance of iniquity and evil on earth.

This is therefore the time to look up to the Lord. We think and do believe that the earth is almost ripe for the Lord.

Let us therefore take heed, for this is also the period of Noah and Lot. The period of false religion and abundance of trade and merchandise and selling and buying and marriages and alliances and team ups and men will be so busy with these until the flood and the fire will fall from heaven.

Knowing this, what manner of life ought we to live seeing that the whole earth is set for destruction.

May God who brought Jesus Christ from the grave also bring us out of wherever we are hooked up or enslaved in or entangled with so that we can flee from the wrath to come upon the earth.

God bless.



1.Increasing our success area.

God desire is for us to be like Isaac, to grow and move forward until we become very great. (Gen 26:13). It gives him glory when we bear much fruit.(John 15:8). He wants our cups to run over (Psalm 23:5). He is the God that does exceedingly abundantly above. (Ephesians 3:20). Knowing, God would not want us to rest on our oars but press forward for higher glory. So we have to look at those areas that we were successful in before; those things that we conquered and over came. We must revisit them so that we can improve on them to increase our successes there.

2.Moving forward from areas of stagnation

We must also recognize those areas that we did not make any progress. We just barely survived. Just as in Deuteronomy 2:1-3, where God asked Moses to cause the people to move northward as they have stayed in one place for too long. Many of us are experiencing stagnation, no movement, no progress in some areas of our lives year in year out. This is similar to the impotent man in John 5 that have stayed in that condition for a long time until Jesus went to that place to change his circumstances. We also need to recognize those areas of our lives that have remained stagnant for years and months so that we can seek the Lord's face

for movement.

3.Restoring a backslidden condition

In some areas, we noticed a rather backward movement in our lives. Things got worse or deteriorated as we could not even maintain the status quo. We lost or retreated or backslidded. We dropped. We must also recognize these areas in our lives so that God can restore us and bring us back to where we were before the fall. It can be our health, our marriages, our business, our walk with God or our finances.

4.Resurrecting the dead.

There are areas that nothing is working anymore. They are dead. No life. This is where resurrection is needed to restore life into that situation or relationship or faith or business. We must acknowledge those areas as well where nothing is working again and present them before Christ for resurrection power to touch them. Like Lazarus whose health deteriorated in sickness and later died, whom the Lord raised back to life, (John 11), we must also take the Lord to show him the things that are dead in our lives.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal these areas in our lives to us, and cause a change in them.

God bless.



Greetings to you all in Jesus name. We received another help from the Lord, and would want to share with you all again. The word that came to us was for us to move on to the next level, and the things required for the next move. Hebrews 6:1; Deuteronomy 2:1-3; Matthews 17:1-3; 1 Corinth. 13:10-12; Philippians 3:4-8;

12-14; Genesis 12:4-5; 13:8-17.

Please take time to read these scriptures. With them, the Lord spoke to us about the next level. He said to us that many of us are unwilling to move to the next level because of our comfort zones. We are refusing to let go things of our past, even, our past successes that we may reach out for new successes. He said there are some friends that we must let go at some level for us to go to the next level, and of course find new friends at that level. For Abraham to enter into Canaan, he has to let go Lot (see Gen 12:4- 5; 13:8-17). Until Lot left, he could not see the vision clearly. Jesus went to the mountain of transfiguration with only Peter, James, and John (Matt 17: 1-3). He did not go with all the twelve. There are some people, no matter how close that we must drop for a season for us to climb to the mountaintop.

Paul in Philippians 3:4-8 had to drop all his past glory; successes, achievements, and made them dung, for him to win Christ.

Something must just go, no matter how beneficial they may have been to you, for you to enter into your higher calling.

In Philippians 3:4-8, Paul confessed that he had to forget those things that are behind for him to reach forth for those things that are before; something must give up for you to go into your place of prominence. In 1 Corinth. 13:10-12, he said, he had to leave childish things for him to embrace adulthood - or

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