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The Best Credit Repair Manual Ever Written

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The Best Credit Repair Manual Ever Written

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Most American consumers have unclaimed monthly cash flow that they are currently paying to credit card companies that can be reduced, simply by asking—often via a simple telephone call to their creditors—if they know the rights words to use when they get on the phone. There are simple action steps you can take—today— to both improve your credit rating and reduce the often exorbitant interest rates and fees you are currently paying on credit cards. You’re about to un-learn thinking (and acting) poorly about how you manage consumer debt—and begin learning and acting the way the wealthy do. You can manage your debt burden downward—and increase your abundance. The insider financial knowledge you’re about to receive—when actively applied—can immediately change your financial fortunes for the better. The advantage is now yours. You’re about to learn how to stop being a financial spectator and start taking action now to become a wealth accumulator. You can start right now to keep more of your hard-earned assets in accounts that you control—instead of your creditors’.

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