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Zen Buddhism: The Short Beginners Guide To Understanding Zen Buddhism and Zen Buddhist Teachings.

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Zen Buddhism: The Short Beginners Guide To Understanding Zen Buddhism and Zen Buddhist Teachings.

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All You Need To Know About Zen Buddhism! 

Are You Suffering Through Life? Do You Feel Lost?

Are You Looking For Answers? For Enlightenment?

If so, "ZEN BUDDHISM"  by Knowledge in Minutes is THE book for you! 

It covers all that you need to know in order to start practicing Zen Buddhism to master Zen.

Zen is the art of meditation. It is the art of meditation without distractions from the world or the thoughts in your mind.

Meditation will lead to a happier self and a more realized life. Zen emphasizes living in the moment, and experiencing the here and now.

Through practicing Zen you can become enlightened. You can return to your original state of consciousness, free from suffering and the desire for material goods. You can become the best version of yourself and the most selfless version of you.

At the core of Zen is the belief that by becoming a better, more enlightened version of you is the path to create a better world. 

With an overwhelming amount of violence and hate in the world, Zen offers an outlet. It offers a solution. By becoming a better person you can create a better world.

Zen Buddhism is still as popular as it has always been, in fact nearly two million American's practice Zen Buddhism. 

What Separates This Book From The Rest?
This book uniquely offers a comprehensive education on Zen Buddhism.

It explores its conception in China and popularization in Japan.

How it differs from other types of Buddhism and the most important aspects of the philosophy, including examples of different koans.

This book will teach you about not only Zen Buddhism, but also all forms of Buddhism.

Upon completing this book you will want to study Zen Buddhism with fervour and even start practicing it. 

You Will Learn The Following:

>> A Brief Introduction to Zen Buddhism

>> The History of Zen Buddhism

>> Different Forms of Buddhism

>>The Difference Between Zen Buddhism and Other Forms of Buddhism

>> Chinese Zen and Japanese Zen

>> Soto Zen and Rinzai Zen

>>> And much more!

So don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and invest in this guide now. 

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