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The 100 Calorie Diet And Food Counter & The Ultimate Collection of 100 Calorie Cookbooks

The 100 Calorie Diet And Food Counter & The Ultimate Collection of 100 Calorie Cookbooks

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The 100 Calorie Diet And Food Counter & The Ultimate Collection of 100 Calorie Cookbooks

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Mar 27, 2018


Wow! You won’t believe what we did this year! We combined The 100 Calorie Diet and Food Counter with all the companion 100 Calorie Cookbooks and Counters and put it all together in this mega 100 Calorie Diet Book! Now you will discover hundreds of delicious, nutritious, absolutely scrumptious 100 Calorie Recipes in one gigantic book! What 100 Calorie Cookbooks and Counters will you find in this amazing book?

Yes! 100 Calorie Cocktails Highballs and Frozen Drinks!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Casserole Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Comfort Foods Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Cookie Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Food Counter!
Yes! The 100 Calorie French Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Pizza Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Restaurant and Fast Food Counter!
Yes! The 100 Calorie Sandwich Cookbook!
Yes! The 100 Calorie SKINNY Soup and Stew Cookbook!

If you haven’t tried The 100 Calorie Diet, now is the time to begin! We are very happy to be working with you towards your goal of a happy and healthy life. The 100 Calorie Diet reveals an entirely new, exciting and easy way to lose weight. No more counting carbs, no more egg white omelettes, no more rice cakes, no more tofu burgers. The 100 Calorie Diet is designed for those people who truly love to eat! You will be able to eat anything you want and still lose weight. Really! We are so thrilled to share with you the secrets of The 100 Calorie Diet.

The 100 Calorie Diet is very easy to follow. The 100 Calorie Food Counter was created to simplify calorie counting and is user friendly. All foods listed in the counter show the amount of that food you can have for about 100 calories. In the counter you will find a complete listing of all foods, entrees, side items and sandwiches in addition to thirty-eight popular fast food and dine-in restaurants.

Inside these pages are real answers to real problems. We will delve into the issues all overweight people live with every day. You will gain insight as to how your everyday habits, thoughts, behaviors and obsessions form the person you are today. You will discover a new way of eating that will automatically solve your weight problem.

Your new life awaits you. Step out of your old world and step into a new beginning. We wish you much success on your new path to health, love, beauty and happiness!

Mar 27, 2018

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The 100 Calorie Diet And Food Counter & The Ultimate Collection of 100 Calorie Cookbooks - Susie Trimble


Chapter 1

Why Are You Overweight?

Before you begin your journey down the path to slimness, let’s look at what’s making you overweight. People always want to know why. The word in and of itself is compelling. Maybe you say I know what’s making me overweight, I eat too much and I don’t exercise enough. Although that is the current thinking behind the overweight condition, the problem is much more complicated than that! Even the medical experts can’t really explain why some people can eat all they want and not gain weight while others struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Simply put, you gain weight when you consume more calories than your body expends. But the real problem is multi-faceted and depends on a number of factors. Let’s look at what’s making you overweight.

Genetics/Metabolism – Your genetic makeup determines your basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy or calories expended while at rest) and how your body stores and burns calories. Many overweight people are predisposed to having a metabolism that likes to store fat while their thinner counterparts burn fat more easily. Does this mean you have Fat Genes and are doomed to be an overweight person for the rest of your life? No, this just tells you that you must restrict calories in order to lose weight. Is it fair? No, it’s not fair but these are the facts. Getting mad at your genetic make-up isn’t going to help you lose weight, The 100 Calorie Diet and Food Counter will.

Environment – Does your environment play a role in determining if you’re going to be overweight? Very much so. If you fill up your kitchen with cakes, cookies, chips, sugar, flour, fats, sodas and beer, you are setting yourself up to be overweight. If your work space is loaded with high calorie foods, you’re more likely to consume too many calories during the day. The good news? You have direct control over your environment and that can easily be changed.

Habits – Bad habits will make you overweight. Do you make it a habit to have coffee and doughnuts for breakfast and fast foods for lunch and/or dinner because of convenience? Do you stop at the store for a coke and a candy bar as a quick snack? Although you aren’t really eating that much food, the foods you are choosing are so high in calories as to be unbelievable. In addition, habits like watching television for hours or sitting at the computer in your spare time will contribute to your weight problem. With time and patience, you can change your habits.

You Love Food and Love To Eat – Are you one of those people who simply have a big appetite, love food and love to eat? This problem possibly has its roots in your genetic make-up. The 100 Calorie Diet is especially great for those of you who love to eat because you are FREE to eat whatever you want. Also, The 100 Calorie Diet has an extensive list of FREE and unlimited foods and recipes.

You Were Raised To Overeat – Were your childhood days filled with big meals, snacks, candies, sweets and sodas? Do your family get-togethers have enough food to feed an army? When you think of home, do you think of food a lot? Sometimes we are overweight because we were taught to overeat. The 100 Calorie Diet teaches you how to unlearn overeating.

Eating Is Your Fun and Recreation – If you associate all fun activities with eating, you’re much more likely to be overweight. Do you like the fair because of the food? Are your parties all about the food? Is food the best part of your vacation? Do you think of going out as going out to a restaurant? If so, your problem is that food is your life. The 100 Calorie Diet teaches you how to live and eat and still have fun.

Eating Out of Rebellion – Sometimes the overweight person isn’t eating because they are hungry at all, they eat because they aren’t supposed to be eating. This person resists any authority or control over eating. Maybe this overweight person has been dieting and dieting but doesn’t lose weight fast enough, so they rebel and eat everything in sight. Perhaps friends and family are always telling them to go on a diet, so that’s exactly what they aren’t going to do. The 100 Calorie Diet teaches you that you are only hurting yourself with your rebellious overeating.

Emotional Eating – We eat when we’re happy, we eat when we’re sad, we eat when we’re bored or just eat to fill a void in our lives. Any stressful or hurtful event has you turning to food for comfort. Food turns into a kind of drug to deal with everyday life and like any kind of drug habit you need more and more to get you through. We will help you to learn to deal with the stresses of life without turning to food.

Dieting History – Getting into a vicious dieting cycle of gaining and losing weight not only hurts you physically, but mentally as well. The desperate dieter will decide to drastically cut calories to lose weight. This will automatically lower an already slow metabolism. So you will lose weight only to gain back more than you lost. You get frustrated, angry and depressed which only leads to further emotional eating and weight gain. You get mad at yourself and then you get mad at the world in general. How do you deal with the anger? By eating more. Does it make sense? No, but you get in this cycle and can’t seem to break free of it. The 100 Calorie Diet will help you to solve this problem and get back to a normal, rational way of eating.

Obsession – Often times the overweight person will get obsessed with food. This starts out with depriving yourself of the foods you love to eat. All this deprivation leads to an unhealthy attitude towards food. Whereas you might have normally eaten one doughnut you now want to gobble down three or six or twelve. You get obsessed with all the foods you’re not supposed to have and then you get mad. Next, you give up and you give in and decide to eat anything and everything you want. The 100 Calorie Diet will help you to solve your food obsession by gaining a healthy attitude towards food.

Physical Activity – Are you overweight because you don’t exercise or you don’t exercise because you’re overweight? We all know that exercise will help you burn more calories and is healthy for your body. But as you get heavier and heavier it’s just not easy to exercise and you’re tired all the time. Maybe you’re embarrassed to go to the gym or participate in sports. We will show you how to make exercising simple and fun.

Being overweight isn’t always about eating a lot of food, it’s more often about eating a small amount of food that has a ton of calories. You may be eating these foods without realizing how many calories they contain. If you eat 1000 calories in one meal or 1000 calories in snacks only, you’re having way too many calories. You might think that a good choice for lunch is Bob Evan’s® Chili & Cheese Taco Salad. Wrong! It has 1381 calories! Are you ready to be shocked? Let’s look at some everyday meals that are shocking in their calorie counts:



Deluxe Breakfast, Large Orange Juice, Coffee -1555 Calories!

Dunkin’ Donuts®

Sausage Egg Cheese Croissant Sandwich,

Vanilla Bean Coolatta® -1130 Calories!

Burger King®

Enormous Omelet Breakfast Sandwich,

Large Hash Brown, Large Orange Juice – 1260 Calories!

Homemade Breakfast

3 Large Pancakes, 3 Pieces of Bacon, Home Fries, Butter, Syrup, Milk -1685 Calories!

Ham and Cheese Omelet, Hash Brown Potatoes, Toast, Butter, Jam, Coffee With Cream and Sugar – 1277 Calories!



Chicken Selects® 5 Piece, Large Fries, Large

Chocolate Shake, BBQ Sauce, Ketchup – 2440 Calories!

Burger King®

Double Whopper® With Cheese, Large Onion Rings,

Onion Ring Sauce, Large Strawberry Shake – 2520 Calories!

Kentucky Fried Chicken®

2 Piece Original Recipe Dark, Mashed

Potatoes, Coleslaw, Biscuit, Large Pepsi,

Lil’ BucketTM Lemon Crème – 1720 Calories!

Taco Bell®

Fiesta Taco SaladTM , Cinnamon Twist,

Large Pepsi – 1300 Calories!

Macaroni Grill®

1/2 Serving Tomato Bruschetta, Chicken Caesar

Salad, Large Coke – 1740 Calories!


Lone Star Steakhouse®

1/4 Lone Star Wings, T-Bone, Bread With Butter,

Salad With French Dressing, Baked Potato,

Big Brownie Blast, 2 Beers - 5288 Calories!


1/6 Of An Awesome Blossom®, Bowl of New England

Clam Chowder, Fajita Steak Quesadillas,

Strawberry Daiquiri, Chocolate Chip Paradise

Pie® With Vanilla Ice Cream – 5261 Calories!

Bob Evans®

Salmon Filet Stir-Fry, 2 Dinner Rolls With Butter,

Large Lemonade, Oreo Cookies and Cream

Pie – 2453 Calories!

Macaroni Grill®

1/4 Of A Bread Loaf With Oil, Caesar Salad, Spaghetti

and Meatballs, 2 Glasses of Wine,

Dessert Ravioli – 4850 Calories!


Cordon Bleu Griller Basket, Grapefruit

Juice, Carrot Cake – 2311 Calories!

Homemade Dinners

3 Pieces of Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Peas, Sweet Tea, Chocolate

Cake - 2420 Calories!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing, Green Peas, Coke®, Cheesecake – 2560 Calories!

Miscellaneous Shocking Calories:

Pizza Hut® Personal Pan Pizza, Meat Lover’s® - 890 Calories!

Hardee’s® Monster Thick Burger – 1410 Calories!

Denny’s® Mini Burgers With Onion Rings – 2044 Calories!

Macaroni Grill® Seared Sea Scallop Salad – 1320 Calories!

Dough Blizzard – 1320 Calories!

Panera Bread® Italian Combo Sandwich – 1100 Calories!

KFC® Crispy Twister® - 650 Calories!

Burger King® Triple Whopper® With Mayonnaise

And Cheese – 1230 Calories!

Starbucks® White Chocolate Frappuccino®

Blended Crème – 610 Calories!

Arby’s® Sausage Gravy Biscuit – 961 Calories!

Bob Evans® Chili & Cheese Taco Salad – 1381 Calories!

Cold Stone Creamery® Large PB&CTM Shake – 1690 Calories!

Firehouse Subs® Large Chicken Salad Sub – 1380 Calories!

T-Bone Steak – 1540 Calories!

Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit – 740 Calories!

Cobb Salad With Dressing – 1100 Calories!

Fettuccine Alfredo Dinner Portion – 1130 Calories!

Is this a calorie wake-up call or what? Think about it! Some of the everyday regular meals we eat contain more calories than we need for 3 days or more! The 100 Calorie Diet and Food Counter will be helping you to put your calorie consumption in perspective. The counter clearly shows the 100 calorie portion of all foods. It is a true eye-opener!

Being overweight is not about protein, carbohydrates or fats. When you get right down to the nitty - gritty, you are overweight because you eat more calories than your body requires.



Chapter 2

Changing Your Diet Mentality

Before you begin The 100 Calorie Diet, you must start looking at dieting in an entirely new light. The 100 Calorie Diet isn’t like any diet you’ve ever been on before. You don’t have to eat low fat or low carb. You actually get to eat normal, everyday foods. There are absolutely no forbidden foods. The concept of The 100 Calorie Diet is to eat like you normally would, just be reasonable with your eating. The thinking behind The 100 Calorie Diet is that you might eat egg white omelets for breakfast (yuck), veggie burgers for lunch (double yuck) and dry fish for dinner (triple yuck). But what normal person is going to eat like this for any length of time? Very few! The 100 Calorie Diet is for all you normal people out there. If you love chocolate, The 100 Calorie Diet lets you have chocolate. You never have to say I can’t eat that again!

Let’s get started. It is absolutely guaranteed you will be a success if you tell yourself you will be successful. On the other hand, it is absolutely guaranteed you will fail if you tell yourself you will fail. Don't say you've tried every diet out there and none have worked for you. Never say you're going to TRY! Eliminate this word from your vocabulary. Webster's Dictionary defines try as an attempt. Starting today you are going to DO. If you are thinking about merely trying The 100 Calorie Diet, you're not ready; you are setting yourself up for failure. Don't start until you can truly tell yourself YES! I love The 100 Calorie Diet! I will follow this plan. It is a simple plan. It is an easy plan. I can and will be successful.

Let's look at your diet mentality and then look at ways to change that mentality:


Well, I know you're overweight, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this book. Sometimes you think you're desperate. But how did this happen? How did you wake up one day 30, 50 or even 100 lbs. or more overweight? People who don't have an overweight problem could never begin to understand your plight. The cycle starts when you tell yourself you will start your diet on Monday. This gives you the okay mentally to eat whatever you want and how much you want until Monday gets here. You must eat all those foods that will be forbidden come Monday. You might not even be a sweet eater (Yes there are overweight people who don't like sweets!), but you buy cakes and ice cream because you know you can't have them next week. You can eat what you want without guilt because your world is going to change on Monday. This is all great and wonderful until Monday gets here and you’ve gained 5 pounds, you're still hungry and you’re not ready to start a diet. You’re even more hungry than before because overeating makes you more hungry. But today is Monday nevertheless and you really do need to start that diet, so you decide to fast this week to make up for all you ate last week. By Monday evening you are so hungry and you feel so deprived that you totally give up and decide to eat – a lot. You go ahead and eat a big meal and tell yourself you can eat this evening and go back on your fast tomorrow. You promise yourself you'll be good tomorrow (So now eating means being bad). You think to yourself Didn't I tell myself this last week? Well, yes but tomorrow will be different. I will definitely go back on my plan tomorrow. So you gorge all evening because you won’t be able to eat tomorrow.

Now it's Tuesday and so far this week you've been bad, realized you can't trust yourself, have broken a promise you made to yourself, have felt guilty and have been a failure. And this is only Tuesday! So what do you do? Do you go back on your fast? No, you tell yourself Hey, I already blew it this week. I'll start my fast again next Monday. You promise yourself you will definitely start the fast on Monday. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Don't you remember you told yourself that last week? Well sure, but come next Monday I’m definitely going on my fast or maybe The Atkins Diet. I could even try The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, The Slim Fast Diet, Nutri-System, Medifast, Optifast, The Air Force Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The Body Type Diet, The No Diet Diet or maybe I’ll do The Richard Simmons Diet, Jenny Craig, The Perricone Weight Loss Diet, The Raw Food Diet, the YOU On A Diet Diet or The Best Life Diet. The only thing you know for sure is that you're going on some kind of diet where you have to eat diet food. You hate diet food, but the cycle begins again and you proceed to eat all the forbidden foods you'll soon be missing out on. The problem even gets worse when you start telling yourself in October that it's futile to diet through the holidays. You come up with a great idea! Eat all you want through the holidays and go back on a diet January 1st.


Get off this roller coaster and stop driving yourself crazy! The reason you want to eat all these forbidden foods today is because you know you can't have them tomorrow or Monday. Guess what? With The 100 Calorie Diet, you don't have to worry about the so called bad foods because there aren’t any bad foods. You don't have to worry that you can't have bread, sweets, chocolate, sodas or beer because on The 100 Calorie Diet you CAN have them tomorrow and you CAN have them on Monday and you CAN have them on Thanksgiving, Christmas and even January 1st! It’s time to calm down and eat for today what you CAN eat today. Concentrate and think of today only, because today is the only day that really matters. Get it in your mind there is no tomorrow to worry about and there is no Monday to worry about. With The 100 Calorie Diet, you are only asked to diet for one day. Today.


In a way, being the weekday dieter is even worse than the Monday or Tomorrow Dieter. You become so frustrated that you are on a strict diet most of the week but you are still overweight. What’s the problem? The problem is your body is basically very efficient at using and storing all the calories you consume. It’s preparing for the famine that’s never going to come. So while you are actually on a diet most of the time, the times that you are not on a diet, your body makes up for it. You get angry at the unfairness of it all. You begin to think there is no hope for you and you are just destined to be overweight.


In order to lose weight, consistency is the key. The 100 Calorie Diet teaches you how to eat 365 days of the year and to be HAPPY with what you are eating. You will be given a certain number of calories per day and that means weekdays AND weekends. Stop depriving yourself because depriving yourself slows down your metabolism and hurts you both mentally and physically. The 100 Calorie Diet helps you get on a steady, consistent plan.


Humans always want to solve their problems quickly and easily. If you are overweight, Lose 30 lbs. in 30 days! is very luring to you. So you try yet another fad diet. The problem with fad diets is they are virtually impossible to stay on for any length of time. You lose weight while you’re on the diet, but once you go off the diet, you end up gaining back all the weight you lost plus an extra 10, 20 or even 50 pounds. You try dieting more and more yet you keep on getting bigger and bigger.


Get it in your mind that there is no quick fix to your weight problem. In order to develop a healthy and happy attitude towards food, you need to realize that slow, steady progress is your goal. You must have enough calories to run your body and to satisfy yourself both physically and mentally. Don’t let yourself be lured into another unhealthy fad diet. THEY DO NOT SOLVE YOUR WEIGHT PROBLEM! The 100 Calorie Diet is not a fad diet, it is simply a tool to help you make steady progress towards your weight loss goals.


Avoidance behavior is about avoiding anything that reminds you you’re overweight. You avoid the scales, you avoid mirrors and you avoid trying on clothes. You avoid diets like the plague. This is how you wake up one day weighing two or three hundred pounds! You don’t want to see any fat pictures of yourself, so you avoid any type of camera. You may even take avoidance behavior to the extreme and start avoiding life itself by avoiding family, friends and relationships.


To begin working on your avoidance behavior, you must weigh once a week. This makes your overweight problem real in your mind. Make it a habit to look at yourself fully in the mirror each morning. Start a personal photo album. Begin with a current picture and continue to take a picture of yourself once a week. Keep your album handy and look at it once a day. Face your overweight problem head on instead of avoiding it!


If you’re overweight and you tell yourself you don’t eat that much, you’re fooling yourself. Do you know how many calories are in the everyday foods you eat? You may be very shocked as to the number of calories you actually consume each day. If you engage in mindless eating you have no clue as to the number of calories you are eating. You may think that ordering a Chef’s Salad is your best choice without realizing how many calories are actually in that salad. A Chef’s Salad with dressing could easily contain 1200 calories. You may not really eat that much food but what you do eat could be loaded with calories.


Use The 100 Calorie Food Counter to educate yourself on the amount of calories you are eating. As a point of reference, use the counter to keep track of what you normally eat in one day. You might very well be astonished at how many calories you actually consumed. Don’t forget to count the little extras like bread and butter, extra salad dressing and all those little snacks and drinks you pop into your mouth throughout the day. You could easily be adding another 500 - 1500 calories a day just by having these little extras. Be aware and pay attention to every bite of food and every sip of drink you put into your mouth.


Maybe your problem is that you don't want to go on a diet, don't want to talk about a diet, you don't even want to think about going on a diet. You don't want to give up your favorite foods or be hungry or deprive yourself. You tell yourself that dieting is too hard and you don't have the willpower to stick to a diet.


If you really and truly don't want to go on a diet, then don't. No one’s forcing you. But, if you are reading this book, deep down you really do want to lose weight. With The 100 Calorie Diet you are not required to give up any of your favorite foods. You can eat all the foods you would normally enjoy. The decision to diet must be made if you want to lose weight. It’s not as difficult as you may think once your mind is made up.


Are you so sick and tired of past diet failures that you don't want to try anymore? How many times have you been on a diet and failed - or lost weight only to gain it all back and then some? Probably too many times to count. You get depressed and frustrated at the unfairness of it all. It is embarrassing to tell your friends and family you are going on yet another diet. You get to the point of thinking it's totally useless and you can't stand the pain of failure again.


For starters remember that hope springs eternal. Tell yourself that every day is a new day and a new beginning and the past is the past and it's gone. There is nothing, repeat, NOTHING you can do to change the past and if your past involves failure, it's best left alone and forgotten. Dredging up memories of past failures in no way helps you with today. Today is the day to let go of past diet failures. If you find yourself thinking about past failures, stop yourself immediately. Do not let your mind go there! It’s time to start looking towards the future and what wonderful possibilities lie ahead. Look forward to a bright future as a new thin, happy and healthy human being!


This may be the worst problem yet. Maybe you tell yourself that losing weight isn’t important and it’s not really going to change your life. You start thinking that nobody really cares about you or that people should just love you for who you are. This woe is me attitude is dangerous. It gives you an excuse to overeat and wallow in self pity.


The answer to who cares anyway lies deep within your heart. YOU must be the one to care for and love yourself. You’re the person looking in the mirror every day, you’re the one lugging around all that extra weight. No one can love and care for you like YOU can love and care for yourself. The 100 Calorie Diet can start you on the path to self discovery and self love.



Chapter 3

A Journey Into The Overweight Mind

In this chapter, you’re going to face some pretty tough issues. You will be asked to look deep within yourself to find the answers to questions you were afraid to ask.


Is it possible that you actually choose to be overweight? Why, of course it’s your choice. You have to face the fact that you're overweight because of your choices. You may tell yourself this isn't true, but then every single day you choose to eat all you want to eat with no thought or care for the consequences. You are choosing what you put in your mouth. Maybe you like to think It's not my fault, I was meant to be this way. It is your fault and you have your reasons for wanting to be overweight, whether those reasons are blatantly conscious or sub-conscious. Think long and hard and be honest with yourself. It’s time to come clean and fess up. Maybe you hate rules and restrictions and like the freedom to eat all you want. Maybe you really like hiding behind your fat. Maybe the only joy in your life comes from food. Each person has his or her own unique reasons for wanting to be overweight. Here are some examples:

I love to eat out and not worry about the calories.

I love sweets and they are more important to me than losing weight.

I don’t want to hassle with being on a diet.

I want to be free to eat what I want, when I want.

I’m too lazy to exercise.

I don’t want to be on a diet through the holidays.

I have too many business lunches.

I don’t like to plan.

My life is so busy that I don’t have time to even think about a diet.

I don’t want to deprive myself.


Make a list of your reasons for wanting to be overweight.


Make a list of 10.

After you’ve written down the reasons you want to be overweight, read over them carefully. Realize how silly it is to still be overweight for those stupid reasons. It’s time to get your life back. It’s time to make that important decision to finally get on a diet and work on solving your weight problem. Tell yourself right this very minute that YES!, I’m going to go on The 100 Calorie Diet!


Is being overweight really hurting you? How badly? Start thinking about how being overweight is negatively affecting your everyday life. What are you putting off doing and how are you putting off living and who are you avoiding all because you’re overweight. Give this some serious thought and list how being overweight is hurting you every day. Here are some examples:

I avoid buying clothes because I think I am always going to lose weight but I never do.

I avoid meeting or seeing old friends.

I avoid being in any pictures to the point of not being in any family photos, videos or portraits.

I get disgusted at my big old fat body when I look in the mirror.

I won’t participate in sports and games.

I won’t join a dating site or try to find a mate because I’m fat.

I am too embarrassed to join a gym.

I get mad at myself for being fat and not taking control over my weight.

I avoid going to the doctor because I don’t want to hear him tell me to lose weight.

If I hadn’t have been overweight, I could have been famous.


Make a list of ways that being overweight is hurting you.


Make a list of 10.

Now that you have listed the ways being overweight is hurting you, carefully read through this list and ask yourself are you ready for a change. Are you ready to take The 100 Calorie Diet seriously and lose that weight once and for all?


Just how desperate are you? How many fad diets have you been on? How many different diet pills have you bought? How much money have you wasted on diet products? Are you always looking for the next breakthrough weight loss product? Think about what you’re doing to yourself. How is this behavior affecting your life? Are these desperate acts solving your weight problem? Some people do some pretty desperate things to lose weight! For example:

I bought every diet pill available, whether legal or not.

I took laxatives and diuretics until I made myself sick.

I bought the nicotine patch even though I have never smoked.

I forced myself to get addicted to cigarettes.

I fasted for two weeks and ended up in the hospital.

I had bypass surgery and although I lost weight initially, I went back to my old habits and gained back all the weight I had lost.

I’ve joined every weight loss clinic in town at least five times.

I thought about making myself bulimic.

I went on a 300 calorie per day diet.

I spent $4000.00 on an exercise machine but didn’t have the money to pay for it and I never really even used it.


Make a list of the desperate things you have done to lose weight.


Make a list of 10.

Have you done some pretty desperate, stupid and even life threatening things to lose weight? It’s time to stop taking risks with your health and your life. If desperate acts worked, you would be thin. It’s time for The 100 Calorie Diet to save you.


This is an extremely important question. There are the obvious reasons for wanting to losing weight, like looking and feeling good. But perhaps you have other not so obvious reasons that are just as powerful and motivating. Make sure the reasons you write down are your personal reasons and not some other person’s. Following are some examples:

I want to be pretty and look good in my clothes.

I don’t want to be embarrassed in a swimsuit.

I want to be able to have fun playing sports.

I want to be able to move without aches and pains.

I want to have confidence in myself.

I want my children to be proud of me.

I don’t want to get diabetes.

I want to look good in pictures.

I want to wear pretty shoes.

I’m tired of looking at my ugly fat.


Make a list of your reasons for wanting to lose weight.


Make a list of 10.

Keep your list forefront in your mind by posting it where you can see it often throughout the day. Remember your list is powerful and basically the reason you are reading this book. Read it! Memorize it!



Chapter 4

The 100 Calorie Diet Tips

Sometimes we all need a little advice, a little help. The 100 Calorie Diet Tips are profound nips of wisdom to make your dieting experience easy, pleasurable and successful.

In the weeks ahead, use the following diet tips to help make your goal a reality. Diet one meal at a time, one day at a time. Anyone can be on a diet for a day! After you've had breakfast, you can look forward to lunch and after lunch you can look forward to dinner. Enjoy each meal as it comes but don't get sidetracked. Do not think about yesterday, do not think about tomorrow. Think in terms of today only. This is a very powerful tip - use it!

When planning your day, stay close to what you would normally have, just choose the items within your calorie range for that meal. If cereal is what you like for breakfast, by all means have cereal. But if you like to have doughnuts, you can have 2 glazed doughnuts for about 400 calories. If you like to have a salad for lunch, have a salad. But if you like to go to Burger King®, have a Whopper Jr.® and a cola. If your usual dinner is baked chicken and vegetables, enjoy. But if you like

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