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Der Teufel Germany's Super Submarine

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Der Teufel Germany's Super Submarine

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During the Great War (World War One), Germany’s submarines were raising havoc on cargo ships heading for England.
Because the Atlantic Ocean is so big, they were unable to attack every ship that left Canada. To solve this problem, Germany decided to build Super Submarines, that could lie in wait and attack the convoys as they left Canadian waters. Also, as a terror tactic, they planned to attack ships docked in Canadian harbors.
The U-6160, that was code named “Der Teufel (The Devil)”, was to be the first one.
Where the Germans were building the submarine, a British raid by air, land, or sea, was impossible. Because of that, two volunteers were sent to destroy this new monster of the sea.
While in Germany, those agents were helped by a group, that called itself, “Polski Patrioci (Polish Patriots)”, who want to liberate their homeland.
To this day, the Germans deny the existence of the submarine. Because no records exist, those that knew about the U-boat, took that information to their graves. Except for anonymous testimony, even the British deny it ever existed.
This story, though considered fiction,
could be true.

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