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Buddha’s Soul: Invaluable Insights From An Enlightened Master

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Buddha’s Soul: Invaluable Insights From An Enlightened Master

Lunghezza: 174 pagine1 ora


This book explains some of the key ideas propounded by Buddha that makes us rethink on several things we take for granted. The way these ideas are presented is as if Buddha is sitting just in front of us and talking to us. They are invaluable!
Unlike other ancient Indian philosophies like the Upanishads, Buddha’s words are simple, direct and delivered with full authority. They are like a handholding experience to an ardent practitioner who wants to make progress in the spiritual path.
Whatever Buddha said more than 2500 years ago is relevant even today. In a world where commercialization of spiritual practices is becoming rampant, Buddha’s original messages dispel lot of misconception and provide a guiding light for right way of propagating spirituality.
In this marvelous collection of short articles, Dr. King presents some of the key ideas from ancient Tipitakas – Buddhist source for everything. The focus is on core principles carved out from otherwise difficult to understand and voluminous, original Pali scriptures.

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