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Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight: Easy to Utilize Diet & Lifestyle Tips

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Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight: Easy to Utilize Diet & Lifestyle Tips

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Table of Contents

Some Points about Dieting
“Clean Eating”
The 75:25% Diet
Binge Eating
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When a friend of mine asked me why I was writing this book, when she knew very well that I did not advocate dieting – as in starving yourself – I told her that there are a number of people out there, who are so used to dieting in order to lose weight or to look for any other way and means, in which they can lose weight, and that is why, if they really have to do this, they had better do it sensibly, systematically and get permanent results.

You are going to find some examples in this book, taken from classic stories, and because I am more familiar with UK and American classics, they are going to tell you about some exercise routines and lifestyles of times gone by, more than hundred years ago. We may find it amusing, but there was a time when every youngster was encouraged by his mother and father to take up physical training as an exercise routine in order to keep healthy throughout his life.

Unfortunately that is not being done nowadays because parents themselves could not be bothered to keep fit in exercise or workouts. Also, at that time, the lifestyle, the diet was totally different, and it is not being followed today. Many of the healthy foodstuffs which we use to eat 150 years ago have been removed from our diet list today, because some doctors somewhere said that it is unhealthy for you to eat this particular diet and you believed him. Instead, you have substituted unhealthy supplements, manufactured in chemical labs and which are being marketed by these quack doctor doors all over the world because according to them, these are going to keep you healthy. And you believe them because you have been brainwashed since childhood, into believing that whatever you read on the Internet or your doctors tell you is exactly right.

So, if you are a person who has gone on to a diet, at least once in his/her life, think of it. So what did you go through? Eating boring and bland foods and the problem was that you would have to eat these boring and bland foods, throughout your life, after you had achieved your goal of losing a given amount of weight. That meant that you would never be allowed to eat the healthy foods, which made life worth living.

It was possible that these healthy foods never came into your diet list, since childhood, because possibly your parents had decided that they were not good for you because somebody had told them that it was not good for them. And I think it is very surprising, socially and psychologically, that whenever I went to lands of plenty where there was plenty of food available, there were also people, who definitely did not eat that food because they were going through the mode of self starvation, all in the name of dieting.

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