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Fitz The Frog Who Lived on the Happiest Hill

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Fitz The Frog Who Lived on the Happiest Hill

Lunghezza: 38 pagine10 minuti


What's Your Mission Of Incredible? Fitz, Cardamom & Friends welcome you! You're invited to come celebrate the day at their dinner fete! They'd be honoured to have you join them! The intent of this book is inspired by a quote from chef Marcus Samuelsson. Just as Chef Samuelsson asserts, how his book serves a "love letter to food, family [& friends] in all its manifestations," this book, too is FiTZ The Frog & Friends! An inter-generational read, this book has been quoted as: "an unusual persuasion." FiTZ The Frog & Friends is magical, because it's also where a chef's recipe brings together dancing in Golden Gate Park's Stow Lake, singing a "spoonful of properly produced xvoo and balsamic vinegar with blueberries help make the plant-medicine go down in the most delightful way." Your turn: who inspires your aesthetics? Explore with Fitz & Friends a never before seen revelation, which seem to be leading them to a single impossible truth: 3 key mistakes to avoid when buying your next olive oil (and what to look for instead!) as these storybook characters retreat ever deeper into the wilderness of celebrating friendship with health-brimming, good food and to the wilds of their own hearts! Ready to catapult your art, to get your book out there into the hands of readers walking down the street, Dads and moms at home, and book lovers everywhere? PS: fitzANDfriendsFORcuesa | fitz's Fundraiser on CrowdRise

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