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Bunion & Co.: Forefoot problems

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Bunion & Co.: Forefoot problems

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (1 recensione)
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On the list of the most frequent foot complaints, problems of the forefoot follow closely behind heel pain. The preconceived notion that such problems can be attributed solely to the wrong choice of shoes is rarely true. Bunion, metatarsalgia, as well as the frequently misunderstood Morton neuroma, are closely related to the complex relationships between foot position and gait behavior. As a result, these problems of the forefoot appear very different in each human being.

In this book, Patrick Hofer describes the connections that can lead to forefoot problems over the years in a familiar and comprehensive manner. He shows ways in which those affected should react to such problems and how to prevent them. The complications related to the forefoot mentioned in his first book, "Feet, Knowing and Treating Foot Problems", are presented here in greater detail and supplemented with further information. He does not shy away from considering old teachings from a controversial point of view. Few books offer patients and those interested in learning, explanations and recommendations on the most common problems with the forefoot in such an depth.
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