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Le Due Margherita
Le Due Margherita
Le Due Margherita
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Le Due Margherita

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Questa storia attraversa due differenti periodi della storia toscana, con il personaggio di Margherita che appare a volte come figura santa del XII secolo e a volte come una ragazza dei giorni nostri.
Ci sono connessioni tra le due? La Margherita dei giorni nostri è influenzata psicologicamente o spiritualmente dalla Santa Margherita? È un caso di reincarnazione?
Il lettore vivrà due periodi storici, distanti ottocento anni l'uno dall'altro, intrecciati tra di loro, rivelazioni e vite parallele avvolte nel mistero, realtà allucinatorie che accadono nella regione più bella del mondo dove la storia, da sempre, si mescola con romanticismo, religione e mistero.

Data di uscita2 mar 2018
Le Due Margherita
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Uri Jerzy Nachimson

Uri J. Nachimson was born in Szczecin, Poland in 1947 and two years later his parents emigrated to Israel. As a young boy he loved to write, photograph and paint, and in 1966 he was drafted into the Israeli army where he served as a war photographer in the Northern Command. He participated in the six days war as a photographer in combat and his photographs were displayed at various exhibitions.His travels and adventures around the world are recorded in the various books he has written that are as of now are published. As an adventurer from birth, he wandered around in Prague as crowds demonstrated in front of Soviet tanks. His travels to Egypt are the inspiration for his book Seeds of Love.When in 1990 he went back to Poland to seek his roots, he was deeply affected by the attitude of the Poles towards the Jews both during and after World War II, and decided to research the history of the Jews of Poland during that era. Thus the trilogy was born; Lilly's Album, The Polish Patriot and Identity. The book The Polish Patriot, was translated and published in Italian and Polish. It featured this year at the International Book Fair in Turin, Italy.Uri's grandmother, Ida Friedberg, was the granddaughter of the Jewish writer A.S. Friedberg, editor of the Polish Jewish newspaper Hazefira, as well as the author of many books. As a teenager, Uri was greatly influenced by A.S. Friedberg's writings where the author describes his imaginary journeys to different countries. Uri decided to experience for himself the adventures to be able to tell them in his books.Ten years ago, Uri decided to move to Tuscany in Italy where he lives with his wife. He has two sons, a daughter and is the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren. While in Cortona he wrote Two Margheritas and Broken Hearts in Boulevard Unirii which was recently translated into Italian.'As long as I was busy with raising the children and supporting my family, I could not do serious writing, however, since I settled in Cortona, I have dedicated a lot of time to creative writing and the words just flow by themselves'

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