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En Passant

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En Passant

Lunghezza: 398 pagine5 ore


Daniel suffered many trials of both the world’s making as well as his own, but all along he really believed that he’d be able to circumvent the Apostle John’s Revelation which unequivocally states that anyone who takes the mark of the beast during the Great Tribulation would surely be slain upon the return of the King. Daniel had done it only for his family’s sake, and he’d imagined that this noble motive for accepting the cursed mark would grant him a reprieve. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong...dead wrong. Even so, and providentially for the universe, the thoughts of man are not God’s thoughts and the ways of man are not God’s ways. The Omega Gambit tells of Daniel Bradford’s struggles and fall in his attempt to exploit an ambiguity in God’s eternal Law. En Passant not only explains why this had to be, but details the final disposition of his soul at the end of time.
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