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Deciding the Future of America: An Evaluation of the Trump Presidency

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It is hard to imagine a U. S. President more controversial than Donald J. Trump. At the time of writing he has been forced to cancel a proposed trip the Great Britain because of the threat of demonstrations against him such as he encountered in Manila on a recent trip to the Philippines. He has offended Turkey, considered one of our closest allies, as well as other Muslim countries by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Yet he remains popular at home. A resolution to impeach him has died in the House of Representatives despite a number of petitions and an extensive advertising campaign calling for his impeachment. He enjoys the loyalty of the Republican Party, which now has control of both houses of Congress, and thus his impeachment would appear to depend on democratic victories in the mid-term elections of 2018. This report is intended to help voters decide how to vote in that election. All words attributed to Mr. Trump come from his taped speeches. The author has tried to appear neutral with respect to Mr. Trump, but the weight of evidence is not in his favor.

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