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Personal Principle

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Personal Principle

Lunghezza: 62 pagine39 minuti


It is true that every human possesses some qualities and attributes which makes every individual to be unique. To guide this unique attributes and qualities, you need a principle to channel it to the right direction.
By developing a personal principle, you are building a path to follow and also forming a unique brand of yourself.
Personal principles will add values to your life. It creates a sense of who you are and what you are not in the heart of men.
The chapters cover such important issues as communication, religion, work, relationship, even friendship and time.
Personal principle gives you a caution when you are about to go overboard. It serves as a check to your life. It keeps you in line and in tune.
Anyone who allow this book to go through his or her mind cannot but record huge shift in mindset and it is a change in mindset that prepares life for transformation.

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