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The Joy of Meditation - Making Mindfulness Fun While Doing What You Love

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The Joy of Meditation - Making Mindfulness Fun While Doing What You Love

Lunghezza: 78 pagine43 minuti


Meditation is not a sterile practice that is done off to the side or in a dark room all by oneself, compartmentalized away from everyday life. 

Meditation is fundamentally about getting more out of life rather than less. 

Meditation teaches us to cultivate awareness, and with this awareness comes peace of mind, an objective perspective from which to face life’s challenges, and an appreciation for all that life offers. 

This appreciation is a source of delight, humor, and creative flexibility. 

And it lets us enjoy fun all the more. 

If you can learn to meditate while you do what you love, your life will be filled with more joy, more energy, and more possibilities than you can imagine. Your life will be full of gratitude and meaning, vitality and purpose. 

Meditation will reinforce the sense of fun and positivity you already feel while doing your favorite activities. 

This idea—that meditation can be enjoyable and enrich what you love—is a gift that can be regiven every day. 

This book is about learning how to do what you love mindfully, fully present and alive. 

Let’s meditate!

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