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Web Ginn House: Zoe Martinique Investigation Series

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One of Zoë's earliest jobs from Maharba, before her fated run-in with The Archer, was to investigate the old Brentwood house on Web Ginn House road. Unfortunately, when she shows up at the house out of body, her astral form is recorded by the local Ghost Hunting team, S.P.R.I.T.E. 

Identifying the entity haunting the house as a poltergeist surprises Rhonda and Nona since Poltergeists were reputedly present around adolescent teens—but the Brentwoods had no children. 

More trouble erupts when Zoë tries to find the entity's fetter and in retaliation, the Poltergeist not only attacks her on an astral level but physically attacks two members of S.P.R.I.T.E. With the entity's activities escalating in violence, it's up to Zoë to find its fetter and reveal the secret that's plagued the house for over twenty years. 

Order in Zoe Martinique Investigation Series: Web Ginn House takes place a week before Jason Lawrence comes to town and a few weeks before Zoë's first run-in with Trench Coat. This story introduces S.P.R.I.T.E., Southeastern Paranormal Research Investigators for Tactical Extermination... and you know...I think that def changes every time I type it. 

As it should be.

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