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Meal Prep: 100 Delicious, Easy, And Healthy Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss & Plan Ahead Meals (Meal Planning, Batch Cooking, Clean Eating & Meal Plan Recipes)

Meal Prep: 100 Delicious, Easy, And Healthy Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss & Plan Ahead Meals (Meal Planning, Batch Cooking, Clean Eating & Meal Plan Recipes)

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Meal Prep: 100 Delicious, Easy, And Healthy Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss & Plan Ahead Meals (Meal Planning, Batch Cooking, Clean Eating & Meal Plan Recipes)

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May 10, 2017


Meal Prep, otherwise known as meal preparation is the key to striking a balance between eating clean, eating healthy,
 weight loss and managing our busy schedules, our time and various demanding engagements that we have to attend to 
every blessed day.
In this book, Meal Prep: 100 Delicious, Easy, And Healthy Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss & Plan Ahead Meals, you 
will learn a total yet simple approach to meal preparation and 100 easy to prepare, exotic, tasty and very healthy 
recipes that will keep you fit, lean and healthy.
This book focuses on what is generally referred to as 'clean eating', each page centers on realistic, professional 
and step by step approaches to clean eating and the classes of recipes that will give you complete enjoyment without 
getting bored! 
In this book you will learn…
-Meal prep breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes
-One pot meal prep recipes 
-Meal prep chicken recipes 
-Meal prep soup recipes 
-Meal prep dessert and snack recipes 
-Meal prep veggie recipes
-Meal prep muffin tin, cup & mug recipes
-Meal prep wrap recipes 
-Meal prep salad recipes, and much more
Adequately preparing your meals beforehand means you will avoid eating unhealthy foods and still maintain your 
productivity as a student, parent or worker. I can assure you that the principles and recipes in this book will 
transform your health, eating habits and your life in general. 

May 10, 2017

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Meal Prep - Anna Oakley Maci



I wouldn't mind if we could add more hours to the day, as 24 hours seems to be very inadequate for me to tick off everything on my TODO list and live in. As a worker, student or parent, our whole lives and schedules have become really busy, and it has become very impractical to cook meals on a daily basis at home. Due to our very busy schedules, we eat handy foods or junks regularly. Meal Prep, otherwise known as Meal Preparation is the way out of this disorder.

Meal prep has diverse meaning to every individual; as a person you have to discover what suits you. Most importantly, the time you spend cooking everyday should become much reduced; and eating should become a more healthy and effortless routine every week.

Finding a meal prep schedule that will suit your person requires a lot of practice and probable occasional failure until a successful routine is reached. You can meal prep you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to your liking and way of life.

Before you start to meal prep, buy good meal prep glass or Tupperware containers that are Bisphenol A (BPA) free and are equivalent in size, because the sizes of these containers are a major concern as they need to fit easily into your refrigerator when you stack every week.

1. Have a well laid out arrangement.

Before you start to meal prep you need to have a plan, you need a carefully thought out arrangement because meal prepping can be overwhelming to first timers and cooking meals that will last a full week can be daunting even to a meal prep pro. Make sure your arrangement is very convenient and easy to achieve. As a beginner, I will suggest that you start out with making 2-3 day meal prep at first and gradually increase the number of days as you become better.  Know what you want to cook and for what time of the day, and try as much as possible to organize it into your whole week, starting out with a few days at first. Writing out your snack, breakfast lunch and dinner is a great way to start before you go grocery shopping. Write out how much ingredients you will need for a 2-3 day time and make them into a grocery shopping list to get the needed ingredients.

2. How to go about Meal Prep

People prep their food in different ways; prep your food to your liking. It is possible to prep and eat tasty meals and still eat healthy. Try out several healthy food varieties as you meal prep, so that you don't get tired of eating same thing in a short while.

It could be as easy as switching sauces, spices, flavors or protein, for instance substituting turkey in a recipe for fish once a while.

3. Your Timing is crucial

Prepare few days meal at a time if you are just starting out as a meal prep rookie. The time allotted to meal prep is totally at your discretion. You can meal prep once or twice in a week or meal prep every night. How much time you spend to meal prep depends on what you have in mind. The time spent stir frying is different from the time spent chopping and arranging fruits, nuts, snacks, vegetable sticks or salads that are always fresh, into meal prep containers. Writing down the time and breaking your meal prep routine into sections on paper can really be helpful in maximizing time and being efficient.

4. Meal Prep Lifestyle

Meal prepping is designed to make things easier despite your busy schedule every day, but you don't have to make all your meals ahead. Your chicken breast can be marinated, refrigerated and then thawed when needed to cook. You could make your sauces in very large quantities and have them refrigerated for later use. You can also wash nuts and fruits and portion them in meal prep containers or jars and store them, to be easily eaten on the go. Whole meal pasta, brown rice and quinoa are carbohydrates that should be cooked ahead as they take time to cook.


Meal prep should be fun! Stick to these guidelines and you will meal prep easily and do away with the clumsiness and lack of order.

The success recorded in meal prepping is tied to a plan, a well laid out and written arrangement of every little detail. This arrangement prevents mismanagement and forgetfulness. Before meal prepping, remember these salient guidelines.

a) Have a regular meal prep schedule

Sunday is a very good time, as it is a general holiday among fitness enthusiast. Meal prepping on Sunday can really help to keep meals fresh during the week, as Sunday happens to be the closest day to the start of a new week.

On the other hand, making all your meal prep in a day will amount to so much food and time spent; and your choice of protein and the way you cook it will determine how long it will last before starting to stink.

You can also share meal prep into 2 different days of the week. This will save time and certainly conserve your meal's quality.

Wednesdays and Sundays are a great time to meal prep, nevertheless you can fix a time that suits you time and schedule.

b) Be a meal mathematician

Plan and calculate the exact amount of meals you are prepping and the quantity of ingredients to make those meals.  Write and arrange the number of days and meals needed for those days every time you meal prep. Meal prep for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, or you can prep only your lunch for a whole week. It depends totally on what works for you.

What is most important is to know what you want and plan it out properly.

c) Keep it simple

The fancier the recipe, the poorer it tastes after a few days in meal prep containers. Variety is important when meal prepping to avoid boredom after repeating meals, week after week. Endeavor to keep it simple, it saves you time and energy and ensures that your meals stay a while longer.  Make sure you chose easy to cook foods that can be packaged in bulk, and that store well.

The list below are healthy options to consider when meal prepping

Protein: fish, low fat beef jerky, roast beef, ham, turkey breast, flank steak, pork tenderloin, lean ground beef and chicken breast.

Healthy oils: almond butter, peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, pistachios, pecan, walnuts and almond oil.

Carbohydrates: Bread, whole grain tortillas, wild rice, brown rice, couscous, quinoa and oats.

d) Get more ingredients from the grocery store nearest to you

It is very important and necessary to go shopping for groceries before you meal prep, so as not to get stranded with the left over from your pantry or refrigerator. You won't be able to cook more than 1 or 2 meals with left over ingredients. 

When you have a complete knowledge of what you want to meal prep, be sure you all you need. When you have it all carefully thought out, written and planned, your visit to the grocery store will be more efficient. Schedule your grocery store visit every now and then. Having a freezer

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