The Dog That Will Change Your Life

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The Dog That Will Change Your Life

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The Dog That will Change Your Life explores the soul and wonders of German Shepherds and the qualities that make them such superior companion dogs. Not another dog task training book, rather a book about how to raise and foster a great bond between a companion German Shepherd and a human being. A companion German shepherd is the most loyal, intelligent, and caring dog you can find. From 45 years of hands on experience living cheek to jowl with German shepherds the author tells stories of his five Shepherds and what to look for in selecting a Shepherd puppy and how to raise a puppy into a companion dog without peer. The author provides insights into how dog spirits as well as human Beings operate in this worldly plane and how to appeal to the best qualities of both, along the way creating an unbreakable loving bond between the two. A practical guide to selecting, raising, and nurturing a German Shepherd Dog. A discussion of all the techniques you need to know about raising German Shepherds that no one ever writes or speaks about. Included are 46 color photographs of the author’s German Shepherds. There is much that the public does not know and under appreciates about German Shepherds and this book gives great insights into the soul of a German Shepherd.

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