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A Journey Through Poetry

A Journey Through Poetry

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A Journey Through Poetry

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Nov 21, 2017


This collection of poetry is certain to resonate with all poetry lovers. The imagery coupled with the rhyme and meter of each poem creates an atmosphere of unparalleled emotion and perception. Some subjects touched upon include natural settings, such as the beauty of the ocean, the importance of bees, and the power of a storm, while others focus on the serenity of being in love and the comfort of divine benevolence. The composition and harmony of words will keep the reader turning page after page.

Nov 21, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Amanda Lyell is an independent poet who has been fascinated with words from an early age. Her work reflects a passion for the beauty of prose. Amanda is an American-Australian, and lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband (Sam), dog (Cyrus), and two cats (Ptolemy and Zombie Cat). She loves to read, enjoy nature, and garden, and works part-time in hospitality.

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A Journey Through Poetry - Amanda Lyell


Far upon the rising waves

the rolling sea gives way

to sunset far, accomplishing

the end of restless day.

The life within the ocean

glides effortless, at peace.

A fading light of glowing sun

starts, quickly, to decrease.

The moon above the water,

the shine of twinkling specks,

luminous and silent light

from countless stars reflect.

The sound of rolling power

from the crashing waves beneath

produces majesty and strength;

a deep, blue graceful heath.

And, as the grandeur of the sea

surrounds a calming mind,

the wind and salty air pass by

while Earth and soul align.


Make Haste! My dreams! For sleep ensures

that in the night I'm only yours!

So, bring the darkness; bring the night

until dawn brings its humbling light.

The stars can sparkle, they will glow

but, in my mind alone, I know

the comfort of your radiant smile

which day was blessed for just a while.

For countless days, my memory cries

and craves the twinkle in your eyes;

Your touch, your quiet, gentle kiss

are, in the daytime, greatly missed.

But when the shroud of black surrounds

and air is filled with lonely sounds.

I close my eyes; secure a peek,

of you; the only one I seek.

An Ode to the Bee

The echo of winter will never eclipse

The gentle breeze carrying Spring,

Or birds overhead, with their eyes well affixed

On the future for marvellous things.

The sedulous bees bringing life to the Earth,

While they buzz and wash over

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