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Joseph Gavi: Young Hero of the Minsk Ghetto

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Joseph Gavi: Young Hero of the Minsk Ghetto

Valutazione: 4 stelle su 54/5 (2 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 295 pagine3 ore


Follow the shocking but true story of Joseph Gavi, a small Jewish boy growing up in Minsk, Byelorussia, during the German invasion of WWII. Relive unspeakable horrors surrounding him as he at first struggles to simply survive and then to overcome his brutal oppressors through covert action with the "Freedom Fighters," rescuing more than 200 of his people from the imprisoning ghetto while constantly evading immediate death by execution. Read with spellbinding detail of each harrowing escape, at times only inches from being discovered and from tortuous death. Experience the wartime betrayal of "loyal" friends and later that of comrades as his postwar successes in the Soviet Union are thwarted by his old enemy: anti-Semitism. Finally, follow this highly decorated veteran, mountain-climbing instructor, and scientist as he resolves to pierce the Iron Curtain and flee to America—only to face the frustrations of a repressive bureaucratic battleground for his entrepreneurial success through citizenship in the USA.
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