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Christmas Songbook for Guitar

Christmas Songbook for Guitar

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Christmas Songbook for Guitar

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Nov 11, 2017


This is a book that gives the beginning and intermediate guitarist many traditional Christmas songs simply, but artistically, arranged by a classical guitarist. Dr.Zisa has taught guitar many years and has been a sought out concert performer. He has arranged many traditional songs and hymns that you would like to play. But in addition, he has provided you with information about the history of the songs. You can amaze your audiences with your knowledge of how each traditional song made its way into our hearts.

Nov 11, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Peter Joseph Zisa, EdD About the Author Dr. Peter Joseph Zisa is an award-winning concert guitarist, composer, writer, and educator. He holds a Doctorate in Education and a Masters in Music. A masterful classical performer, Zisa is adept in many styles of music - from blues, jazz, rock, folk, and to country, gospel, Latin, and flamenco. Zisa has been an educator for over thirty years working with K-12 as well as colleges and universities in both California and Oregon - teaching Guitar, Music History, Theory, Pedagogy and Psychology of Music, including twenty years of mentoring music therapy students at Marylhurst and Pacific Universities. Throughout his music career, Zisa has used music to help adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to provide comfort to hospice patients and their families, and to conduct specialized music activities for children with autism and attention-deficit syndrome. Zisa understands the use of music as a clinical tool is not uniform among the varied population music therapists and educators serve. The teaching method this book presents is specific to the needs of music therapists and educators, and is the culmination of twenty years of tested methodology. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a musician and a teacher, Zisa offers a guitar teaching method that prepares the aspiring music therapists and educators to meet the requisite skills goals with as little as 45 minutes of practice a day.

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Christmas Songbook for Guitar - Peter Joseph Zisa


Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels We Have Heard on High was originally a French carol 'Les Anges Dans Nos

Campagnes' (The Angels in our countryside). In 1862 James Chadwick, a Roman-Catholic

Bishop, created English lyrics based on the original French lyrics. Chadwick’s lyrics were later

translated into Scottish Gaelic; this carol is known as Ainglean chuala sinn gu h-ard (literally,

Angels We Have Heard on High).

Away in a Manger

The origin of this carol was once believed to be by Martin Luther, leader of the

reformation movement. In 1887, James R. Murray, a significant hymn writer himself, claimed in

a published songbook that the Martin Luther wrote the song for his children and sang it to them

as a bedtime song. As the popularity of the song spread across the U.S. continent, the myth of

Luther’s contribution and the song’s German roots became folklore.


Methodist hymnologist Fred Gealy (1894-1976) was among the first to dispute this story

saying the evidence suggests that [the carol] is wholly an American product. The original two-

stanza form probably originated among German Lutherans in Pennsylvania about 1885.

Reverend Carlton Young discovered a German version of the carol. However, because the lyrical

metrics were not natural to German, it was determined it was actually a translation from the

English text.


In 1945, Richard H. Hill sorted out the history of the song. His research indicated the

song was not written by Martin Luther or James Murray. Even more surprising, he discovered

the origin of the song and its words were not from Germany. According to Hill, Murray

discovered the tune while he was visiting Germany; Murray naturally assumed the melody was

German in origin. Soon thereafter, he composed a four-part vocal hymn arrangement of the tune.


The melody of the song was composed actually by a J. E. Clark. Later, Charles

Hutchinson Gabriel wrote new vocal hymn arrangement. Despite the evidence to the contrary,

the legend of the song being written by Luther continues to persist in the 21st century. It is hard

to argue with a good story.


Away in a Manger

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J. E. Clark Peter Joseph Zisa

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