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cast-iron skillet recipes for busy families: 55 Quick And Easy Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Meals 30 Minutes Or Less

cast-iron skillet recipes for busy families: 55 Quick And Easy Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Meals 30 Minutes Or Less

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cast-iron skillet recipes for busy families: 55 Quick And Easy Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Meals 30 Minutes Or Less

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Jun 23, 2014


Every family needs a cast-iron skillet; how much more a busy one.
 Nowadays, most people run busy schedules. It is becoming increasingly difficult to devote enough time to cook and manage other pressing areas of one's life. Cast iron skillet is a valuable cookware that can provide tremendous assistance in this regard.
The simplicity and user-friendliness of this versatile kitchen equipment makes it possible for you to prepare any sumptuous recipe of choice and in good time too.
In this book, “the cast iron recipe collection for busy families”, you will learn how to cook snappy and delicious dinner dishes using your precious cast-iron skillet.
These recipes are also prepared with readily available and inexpensive ingredients that will enable you to save some good money. All these cast iron recipes are amazingly easy and takes only 30 minutes of your time, even less!
And that’s not all. You will be provided helpful tips and information on the different ways to cook with cast iron skillet, the many cooking and health benefits of using one as well as how to maintenance processes that involves cleaning and seasoning.
You will be able to cook a wide array of quick and easy pasta, seafood, beef, chicken and pork chop dinners. Due to the simplicity of the recipes, beginners will love it. Advanced chefs will also enjoy putting the meals together with ease and proficiency.
If you have always wanted to make quick and easy mouthwatering dinner for your family in your cast iron skillet, then this book is for you.
So what are you waiting for?
Buy this book now and start cooking with your cast iron pan today.

Jun 23, 2014

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cast-iron skillet recipes for busy families - Emma Carpenter



The Many Benefits Of Cast-Iron Skillet

The cast-iron skillet is an extremely dependable cookware in the modern kitchen. It offers tremendous benefits: It is made of iron so it can’t be easily damaged, scratched or discolored.

It is long-lasting and can be used for decades; it is non-stick once seasoned correctly; for families without a yard, it can be used as a grill to bring out that delicious crust; it is versatile as hundreds of recipes can be made in it.

It is cheap to buy; there is also no need to keep buying soap once it is seasoned so money is saved on soap as well. It can be moved back and forth (from the stovetop to oven) effortlessly.

Above all, it distributes heat evenly and this is probably its best feature. The cast-iron skillet is an excellent conductor of heat so every cook’s nightmare of half raw and half burnt food never comes to reality. This is very good news for those who run busy schedules.

Besides all these, cast-iron skillets also offer proven health benefits which includes:

No exposure to harmful chemicals.

Some non-stick pans contain a repellent coating, perfluorocarbons (PFCs) meant to keep food from sticking to it. This chemical has been linked to cancer, liver damage and even early menopause. Once these pans are heated or its surfaces are scratched, fumes from this chemical is inhaled and this could lead to disastrous health consequences. For this reason, cast –iron skillets are safer alternatives to consider.

Cooking with less oil.

With a well seasoned pan, minimal oil is required to sear chicken or brown crispy potatoes. This is quite healthy for you.

Added iron to your meals.

You get the opportunity of fortifying your food with a little bit of iron that gets transferred during cooking. It a cheaper way to get the extra iron that you need, especially for women who are iron-deficient

Cast-Iron Cooking

Searing and Sautéing in Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast iron can be directly transferred to a hot oven and this makes it a perfect choice for sear- roasting. While non-stick pans are good in releasing food well, they may not brown food as expected since they aren’t designed for high heat. Traditional pans, on the other hand can brown well over high heat but foods tend to stick on them. Cast iron skillets can be utilized over high heat to brown foods very well. Additionally, it won’t stick if well seasoned.

Baking In Cast-Iron Skillet

Heat is evenly distributed in thick, heavy cast-iron skillets to produce well-browned, beautifully- textured crust on baked meals. Cornbread also tastes heavenly and dishing it out straight from the pan just adds to its homey touch.

Braising in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Braising is to cook food on low heat in a little liquid. Using a cast-iron skillet steadies the temperature that is required when while it cooks on

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