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Acne Free from Pimples in 7 Steps: The Path to Treating Acne and Pimples

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“Acne free from pimples is a trustworthy, COMPLETE, practical and extraordinarily USEFUL guide to cure acne and pimples.”
Written by a renowned dermatologist experienced in acne treatments and appreciated by many patients as it defeats acne and keep your skin healthy and clean, this book describes a complete 7 steps path to get free from pimples.
If you have acne and pimples, if you want to cure your skin and you are tired of the results you obtained so far with acne treatments, this book is for you.
If your child suffers from acne and you see him depressed and frustrated, this book can help him/her.

You just need a method in order to deal with acne and pimples.


⁃Why are the treatments for pimples not working?
⁃What are the most effective treatments for acne?
⁃Is nutrition important to cure acne and pimples?
⁃Which cosmetic products should I use for oily skin, acne and pimples?

This book gives you all the answers. Find out how winning against pimples and acne can be simple and important. There are so many treatments for acneic skin and it is getting harder to find your bearings, but this 280-page book is based on the latest and most trustworthy scientific research studies on the problem of acne.
More precisely, this book DOES NOT RECOMMEND PRODUCTS and does not suggest you miraculous remedies for pimples or to buy cosmetics or supplements.
Acne free from pimples clearly describes:
•Why pimples form
•What type of acne you have
•The possible treatments and the basis for a really effective anti-acne therapy
•What makes acne treatments ineffective and what mistakes to avoid
•How to prepare yourself for a dermatological examination
•How to improve your self-esteem and find motivation to begin treatments
•Why stress worsens pimples and how to handle it
•What foods aggravate acne
•How to organise yourself so that you follow your treatments daily

Now you have a method to follow, which will allow you to set targets and intermediate goals to achieve and set up a strategy to win against acne and be free from pimples.
By reading this book, you will finally KNOW HOW TO:

•Treat your skin
•Progressively eliminate blackheads and pimples
•Avoid pimples leaving holes and spots on your skin
•Improve acne scars and make them almost invisible
•Keep your skin smooth and clean, finally free from pimples

STEP BY STEP, YOU WILL BE GUIDED THROUGH A GLOBAL AND UNIQUE PATH based on valid dermatological treatments and cures, and improvements on nutrition and lifestyle with practical and concrete examples and exercises.

Treating acne will help you improve your image, your self-esteem and your social relations.
Think about it, acne and pimples are often a cause of discomfort and insecurity.

Start treating acne today!
Why still wait?

The Author:
Francesco Antonaccio MD, is dermatologist, creator and founder of the website
He is particularly expert in acne and anti-aging treatments. He attended and has attended Courses and Congresses as tutor and lecturer.

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