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The Chocolate Chef: Missing Recipes

The Chocolate Chef: Missing Recipes

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The Chocolate Chef: Missing Recipes

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Oct 25, 2017


These are some of the recipes not included in my first book The Chocolate Chef: Uncovered - Chocolate Secrets Revealed. Included here are additional fun recipes using the same techniques described in that book. You will find these recipes equally easy and delicious!

Oct 25, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Born in 1964 into a family that revolved around delicious Middle-eastern and Mediterranean food, Chef Cabeca fell in love with chocolate at an early age and has studied the science of chocolate for over 28 years. He is obsessed about living a healthy lifestyle, at the behest of his Dr. Sister and Naturopath, so he has also studied the positive impacts of chocolate on abundant health. Chef Cabeca loves making beautiful and delicious foods & desserts with chocolate. Predominantly self taught, he took a few recreational classes at NYC’s Institute for Culinary Education. Additionally he learned pulled sugar art from Ewald Notter and wedding cake design from Colette Peters. Chef Cabeca’s restaurant career began when he was 15 years old as a dishwasher/prep at Richard’s Seafood in Doylestown, PA. He has held every position in the restaurant business since then, from Dishwasher to chef/owner. One of his favorite things to do is host parties and brunches in his home, where an abundance of fine food is prominently displayed for devouring. He really loves bringing people joy through food, and aspires to provide that “WOW!” experience through a combination of interesting ingredients and beautiful plating. He loves for people to feel just a bit special through food. His ability to enhance that experience by combining specialty chocolate with his food sets him apart from the typical chef. He has been honored to appear as a chocolate expert on the WAMU Kojo Nnamdi show in 2012 and also compete in The Cooking Channel’s “Best in Chow: The Great American Doughnut War, D.C.” in 2014. Over the years he has been featured in numerous publications and TV & radio interviews talking about his love for chocolate. He has also exhibited his chocolate truffles to rave reviews in Atlantic City & D.C. Robert loves to teach people. In fact, he had been an Information Technology Instructor for several years at Chubb Institute helping adults learn new skills as they change careers into the IT field. (Students & faculty really loved it when he brought in home-baked treats!) More so, he has taught thousands of chocolate-adoring fans how to discover chocolate in new and fun ways, through chocolate tasting and palate development classes, and chocolate truffle making classes. He tries to teach simply by using everyday language, avoiding complicated terminology. He has written this book as if your were with him in his kitchen, working side by side, learning how to make delicious truffles and pastries. Chef Cabeca continues to strive to learn the newest trends in chocolate and food so as to combine them into magical luscious temptations.

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The Chocolate Chef - Robert Cabeca


The Missing Recipes!

These are some of the recipes not included in my first book The Chocolate Chef: Uncovered - Chocolate Secrets Revealed. Included here are additional fun recipes using the same techniques described in that book. You will find these recipes equally easy and delicious!

This short book includes a few summary descriptions of various techniques, however if you feel you need greater explanations and guidance on any of the specific techniques, I suggest that you refer to the original book as needed.

Reminder of some basic rules:

•  You are your own creator! You have my permission to modify any of these recipes to satisfy your own taste and liking. Go for it!

•  Any chocolate will do, as long as it is a chocolate you like. I list some suggested options in each recipe, but please, please, please do explore all the chocolate you want to your hearts content. Find what you love and use it in the recipes below.

•  Stay organized and prepare everything you need in advance. (You will be much happier. I promise!)

•  Remember not to let water or steam get in contact with your chocolate. It’s a mess.

•  Use a good thermometer and scale. Spend the extra few bucks for the upgrade. You won’t regret it.

•  Lastly, HAVE A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF FUN! Play, have fun, be happy. It’s chocolate after all. I mean, really, how many people do you know that go around finger painting chocolate smiley faces on their friends!

Robert paining on Andrew as Cole looks on. (Hoelting)

At the beginning of each recipe I provide some basic information about its characteristics, such as how long it takes to make, how many it will make, ganache method, decorating method, difficulty level, and other tidbits. Use this information to help you determine the level of effort and time it will require.

Within each recipe, you will find a brief story of my inspiration for it and some guidance to ensure your success and enjoyment. Each truffle recipe is very specific on the tempering methods, so please be sure to follow them accurately.

Don’t forget that real fine artisan chocolate has but a maximum of 6 ingredients! This does not include inclusions like nuts or fruits, etc. The only ingredients allowed in real chocolate are:

Cocoa solids (in one or more of its many forms below)

Cocoa butter (the only fat allowed in real chocolate)

Sugar or another sweetener (maybe)

Vanilla (maybe)

Emulsifier (maybe)

Milk – (white and milk chocolates only!)

If you also remember, there are four primary varieties of cacao beans:

-   Forastero - Hardy, strong bitterness and fruity acidity

-   Trinitario - Hybrid of Criollo and Forastero, varied and aromatic flavors

-   Nacional (Arriba) - Fragrant and succulent

-   Criollo - Most flavorful, delicate and rare variety

The flavor in cacao beans is affected by the region and climate that it is grown in as well as being influenced by foliage growing nearby (much like grape and coffee varieties). This is one of the key characteristics of chocolate that forces us to fall in love with it so very easily!

Here is a list of various equipment you may need for certain recipes. I highly recommend you get a digital scale as most of my recipes are by weight. If you are interested in specific

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